12 interesting facts about coal

It was coal that allowed humanity to noticeably advance industry, as it is a much more energy efficient fuel than wood. Before the discovery of methods for distilling oil and turning it into gasoline, fuel oil and other combustible liquids, it was coal that served as the main source of heat and energy in general. Now, of course, its role has become noticeably more modest, since many developed countries have already abandoned it due to its low efficiency compared to other fuels and the air pollution associated with its combustion.

Interesting facts about coal

  1. All the world’s coal deposits were formed in ancient times, as a result of exposure to high temperatures and monstrous pressure, deep in the bowels of the earth.
  2. The age of coal depends on the specific deposit. The oldest of them, according to scientists, is about 400 million years old, which means that they formed long before many dinosaur species known to us appeared on Earth.
  3. In 1930, it was coal that provided about 50% of mankind’s need for electricity. In 1960, it accounted for only about 33%, and since then this figure has continued to fall.
  4. The world’s first coal mine was opened in 1113 in the Netherlands. Interestingly, it is still functioning, since the deposit has not yet been exhausted (interesting facts about the Netherlands).
  5. In China, only in 2004 they managed to put out a fire at a coal deposit that had been blazing there for almost 130 years. He destroyed, according to rough estimates, about 260 million tons of this valuable natural resource.
  6. There is a technique for converting coal into liquid fuel. To do this, it is saturated with hydrogen.
  7. More than any other minerals, coal is similar to diamond. Both of them are made of carbon.
  8. Coal mines are considered very dangerous. Coal deposits often release methane when exposed, and methane is not only poisonous, but also explosive.
  9. World coal consumption always increases when oil prices spike (interesting facts about oil).
  10. Coal is used not only as a fuel. Lead, sulfur and other minerals are also extracted from it.
  11. In some countries, for example, in South Africa, local energy is almost 100% dependent on coal-fired power plants.
  12. Most coal is burned annually in power plants in China and India.
  13. It was coal that became the first fossil fuel to be used by mankind.
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