16 interesting facts about the Caribbean sea

The Caribbean has always had a halo of pirate romance due to the popularization of this topic. Of course, it would be difficult to call the romantic life of pirates in bygone times, but to this day, countless treasures lie at the bottom of the Caribbean Sea, which got there along with sunken ships. In … Read more

22 interesting facts about fish

How many types of fish can you list? One hundred, two hundred, five hundred? But there are many thousands of them on our planet! Pisces — amazing creatures in their diversity, and they are extremely important to us. This is food, a valuable renewable resource, and much, much more. Interesting facts about fish The world’s … Read more

17 interesting facts about killer whales

Killer whales, or killer whales (they call them both) — hardy, aggressive and intelligent predators, living mainly in cold waters. They will attack any prey they can potentially handle, and are a far greater threat than even sharks. Interesting facts about killer whales Killer whales attack even predatory white sharks (interesting facts about sharks). As … Read more

19 interesting facts about jellyfish

Jellyfish — one of the oldest living beings on earth. Among them there are both completely harmless and deadly, capable of killing a person with a single touch. Some aquarists even keep jellyfish at home, enjoying watching their measured movements. Interesting facts about jellyfish The first jellyfish appeared on Earth about 650 million years ago, … Read more

21 interesting facts about starfish

Starfish — unique creatures, so it is not surprising that they are the object of close attention of biologists. Beautiful in their own way, they lead a very peculiar lifestyle, spending most of their time motionless somewhere on the seabed. Interesting facts about starfish The diameter of the largest starfish can reach a meter, and … Read more

27 interesting facts about horses

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of horses for humanity. For centuries, these animals have served people faithfully, and even today in some parts of the Earth they are still extremely important for survival. Of course, with the development of technology, the role of horses in the economy has decreased, but in some countries … Read more

18 interesting facts about hares

Hares — ubiquitous animals throughout the world. They were brought to many corners of the Earth by people, but due to their high fertility and excellent ability to adapt to a variety of conditions, they successfully survive almost everywhere, despite the fact that nature has prepared for them the role of a victim that any … Read more

26 interesting facts about mosquitoes

Which of us loves mosquitoes? Probably nobody — these little buzzing creatures annoy everyone with their annoying desire to drink our blood. What to do — they want to eat too! Fortunately, many other creatures are reducing mosquito populations to tolerable limits — for example, many reptiles and small birds feed on them. Interesting facts … Read more

30 interesting facts about the seas and oceans

Water covers 70% of the earth’s surface, but sea and ocean depths have not yet been studied. People have long ago mapped the relief of the ocean floor and studied the creatures that live in the upper layer of the water column, what else do the waters of our cozy planet hide from us who … Read more

13 interesting facts about the Mediterranean Sea

Countless civilizations were born, flourished and died around the Mediterranean Sea, so it is rightfully called the cradle of a thousand peoples. Due to its geographical location, it still plays a huge role in the economy of a number of countries today, being one of the most navigable seas on our planet. Facts about the … Read more