18 interesting facts about pikes

No wonder all fishermen consider pike an enviable prey. These fish are distinguished not only by their excellent reaction, but also by their intelligence – they learn very well from their own experience. And since they live for a long time, it is really not easy to catch an old and smart pike. Interesting facts … Read more

23 interesting facts about ducks

Some people sometimes mistakenly believe that ducks are stupid birds. This is not at all the case, they are smart enough, besides, nature itself has adapted them to survive in the most severe conditions. These birds are capable of crossing seas and continents, surviving extreme cold and eating a wide variety of foods. For this, … Read more

20 interesting facts about geese

Many people are used to the fact that a goose is such a poultry, and nothing more. But few people know that nature and evolutionary processes have given them incredible endurance and ability to survive in really harsh conditions. They live in many countries of the world, and vary greatly depending on the species. Interesting … Read more

15 interesting facts about the Sargasso Sea

Such an amazing natural phenomenon as the Sargasso Sea has been the focus of scientists’ attention for several centuries. And even though it has long been known how and why it was formed, this does not make it any less amazing. The only pity is that only professional sailors can admire it, and then occasionally … Read more

21 interesting facts about leopards

Graceful, swift, strong, intelligent — they are all leopards. These huge spotted cats, living in hot countries — perfect predators. At rest, they can spend hours basking in the shade or, conversely, basking in the sun, but a purposeful or simply hungry leopard is a terrible, all-destroying force. Interesting facts about leopards The word “leopard” … Read more

15 interesting facts about coniferous forests

Forests — green lungs of the planet, and coniferous trees perform their natural function all year round, since they do not shed needles for the winter, replacing their leaves. The air in such places is really healing — remember how easy it is to breathe in a pine forest! Therefore, forests must be protected, and … Read more

21 interesting facts about the taiga

Without forests, there would be no oxygen, and without oxygen, there would be no life on Earth in the form it is which we know it. Taiga — essential element of our planet’s ecosystem. Covering a huge area, these dense forests turn huge amounts of carbon dioxide into breathable air every day. Interesting facts about … Read more

14 interesting facts about parrots

Popular birds like parrots are often kept at home as pets. But the myth that they are not very smart — it’s just a myth. In fact, parrots — extremely intelligent and easy to train birds, especially some of their species. Interesting facts about Facts The smallest parrots are called woodpeckers and live in New … Read more

17 interesting facts about falcons

Swift and merciless aerial predators, falcons are able to reach speeds comparable to the speed of a racing car when diving for prey. Smart and quick-witted, these birds have been used by hunters since ancient times, and falconry — a separate art form. Interesting facts about falcons Specialists have given the falcon a scientific name … Read more

19 interesting facts about eagles

Proud Eagles — lords of the heavens. They fly where most other birds do not go, but even from such a height, their phenomenal vision allows them to see potential prey running along the ground. Smart, long-living, hardy, these birds — perhaps the most perfect creations of mother nature. Interesting facts about eagles The wingspan … Read more