12 interesting facts about coal

It was coal that allowed humanity to noticeably advance industry, as it is a much more energy efficient fuel than wood. Before the discovery of methods for distilling oil and turning it into gasoline, fuel oil and other combustible liquids, it was coal that served as the main source of heat and energy in general. … Read more

24 interesting facts about moles

Blind underground inhabitants, moles are real hard workers. They live in conditions that are very difficult for people to imagine. What is it like to exist without sunlight, hardly getting to the surface? However, nature has perfectly adapted these animals to an underground existence. True, some farmers and gardeners do not like moles because they … Read more

20 interesting facts about the equator

We call the equator a conditional line that runs exactly in the center of our planet, and it is this line that is the longest road on Earth. Did you know that the equatorial line is longer than its counterpart, passing through the poles? The reason for this lies in the shape of our planet, … Read more

20 interesting facts about cedars

The amazing cedar tree is not only a source of delicious and healthy nuts, it is also a truly healing plant, whose leaves purify the air and make it beneficial. Cedar forests are really a chic place, walking through them is a pleasure, and it is a pity that these trees do not grow everywhere. … Read more

20 interesting facts about caterpillars

We all know that caterpillars are one of the stages in the development of an insect, which then turns into a butterfly. However, many of them are so amazing in this phase of their life cycle that they can be considered separately. Caterpillars are very different, both harmless and not very, and some of them … Read more

25 interesting facts about Siberia

The vast expanses of Siberia are amazing… What is not here! Mighty rivers, impenetrable forests, ancient mountains rising gloomily for kilometers in height… Yes, the development of the Siberian expanses began a long time ago, but in fact, there are still many places here where no human foot has yet set foot. Isn’t it surprising? … Read more

25 interesting facts about the Alps

The mighty Alps tower over Europe and challenge the numerous climbers eager to conquer their peaks. They, however, are not as impregnable as most of the mountains of Asia and South America, but, nevertheless, they are far from tough enough for everyone. And thanks to the indescribably beautiful nature, clean air and unimaginable views from … Read more

24 interesting facts about cranberries

Delicious and healthy cranberries grow only in temperate climates, although some of its varieties successfully survive even in the tundra. Many of us have probably had occasion to collect it in the fall, and at these moments there is always a temptation to eat a delicious berry, and not put it in a basket. But … Read more

33 interesting facts about guinea pigs

Among other pets, one cannot fail to note guinea pigs, which are loved by people in various countries. Smart, cute, fluffy, always attached to caring owners, they leave few people indifferent. At the same time, the contribution of guinea pigs to the development of modern civilization cannot be underestimated, since they are widely used as … Read more

20 interesting facts about goats

The domestication of goats in ancient times turned out to be a very wise act on the part of the ancestors of modern people. This animal is useful in all respects – it gives milk, meat, and wool, and some peoples also use their horns, hooves and skin in their traditional crafts. Yes, and goat’s … Read more