23 interesting facts about chipmunks

Funny and cute chipmunks touch many people. They are sometimes kept as pets, because these rodents are very clean, and it is really interesting to watch them. But in the wild, they fiercely defend their territory and home, not retreating even in front of a obviously much stronger enemy. It’s amazing how so much unbridled … Read more

18 interesting facts about leaves

The organs of trees and plants, like leaves, are indispensable for the functioning of these organisms. True, some of them are exposed for the winter, shedding foliage, but this is due to harsh climatic conditions. At the same time, it is impossible to find the same leaves even on the same plant. Although they look … Read more

19 interesting facts about migratory birds

Not all birds are migratory, some of them prefer to spend their lives in the same place. However, adverse climatic conditions force some birds to change their habitats from time to time, escaping from the lack of available food in winter. Such a way of life is probably not very simple, but nature certainly knew … Read more

17 interesting facts about the Himalayas

The Himalayas are the highest and most imposing mountain range on Earth. Many of their corners have not been explored so far due to transport inaccessibility. Of course, modern satellites are able to look almost anywhere, but helicopters cannot fly at a considerable height, there is nowhere for planes to land there, and it’s simply … Read more

15 interesting facts about apricots

Delicious fruit, apricots are always popular in all regions where they grow. Sweet and juicy, they taste like no other gifts of nature, but they can be eaten fresh with the same pleasure, as well as used to make compotes, pies and other culinary delights. The only pity is that it is impossible to get … Read more

24 interesting facts about Easter Island

The amazing Easter Island has excited the imagination of several generations of anthropologists and archaeologists for many decades. Now it has been studied quite well, and there are few unsolved mysteries left on it, which, of course, does not make it less interesting. True, curious people rarely get here anyway – it’s too far, and, … Read more

22 interesting facts about canaries

Cheerful yellow birds, canaries are loved by many people. Each of them has its own character, and it would be a mistake to assume that they are all the same. Any canary differs from relatives in the same way as one person differs from another. But they easily become completely tame and become attached to … Read more

18 interesting facts about peonies

Perennial peony flowers are widespread. Gardeners and summer residents willingly plant them on their personal plots, as these plants are relatively unpretentious, but at the same time they are amazingly beautiful, and they smell very pleasant. It is not difficult to join the number of their lovers – just buy seedlings, plant them and follow … Read more

19 interesting facts about flying squirrels

Seeing a flying squirrel in its natural habitat is very difficult. These amazing creatures lead a rather secretive lifestyle, besides, they usually sleep during the day, and move almost silently, so enthusiastic explorers have to spend a lot of time to take at least a couple of photos. Cute and funny, flying squirrels are probably … Read more

14 interesting facts about fly agaric

Beautiful bright red fly agaric mushrooms are an adornment of any forest, especially in autumn, when they stand out so against the background of yellowing foliage. But you have to be careful with it – they are poisonous, and you can get poisoned by fly agaric very easily, and this poisoning can lead to fatal … Read more