17 interesting facts about sables

Nimble and agile, representatives of the mustelid family are very smart animals, and they are excellent at surviving in the forest. A warm coat warms them in cold weather, and an incredible reaction, innate cunning and courage help them hunt and avoid dangers. Relatively small sables usually prefer to avoid encounters with larger predators, but … Read more

11 interesting facts about forest plants

A huge variety of plant species grow in forest zones, many of which are very interesting and unusual. The forest is a real, wild, forest not spoiled by man – it is a real natural treasure house with life boiling in it. And there is no need to invade it with our intentions, because we … Read more

20 interesting facts about sea cucumbers

Holothurians, or sea cucumbers, can be called one of the strangest, most interesting and unusual inhabitants of the waters. From the point of view, they are animals, but their characteristics and lifestyle lead some to think that they are closer to plants. However, this is not at all true, but this does not stop one … Read more

17 interesting facts about the black mamba

Venomous snakes like the black mamba are always a terror in the areas they inhabit. Only the inhabitants of the northern regions, where it is too cold for these reptiles, and those who live on some remote and isolated islands, such as the Cook Islands, are free from this threat. The black mamba is widely … Read more

14 interesting facts about the Chukchi Sea

The harsh and cold Chukchi Sea is hardly the place you want to go on vacation. However, who knows? Chukotka is a land of unprecedented beauty, even if it is difficult to conquer for unprepared travelers. Of course, cruise ships do not sail in the Chukchi Sea, but who said that only the tropics can … Read more

25 interesting facts about the Volga River

For centuries, the Volga River has been the most important transport artery of all the regions through which it flows. It contains a huge amount of the most diverse fish, and in the widest places only a truly experienced swimmer can swim across it. Among all Russian rivers, the Volga is, if not the most … Read more

26 interesting facts about hummingbirds

Amazing hummingbirds are remarkable not only for their miniature size or interesting wing structure. They lead a lifestyle unlike that of most other birds, and for this reason alone they are the focus of attention of many ornithologists. Seemingly completely weightless, they easily flutter from flower to flower, moving at the same time with impressive … Read more

16 interesting facts about the Andes

The Andes Mountains, also called the Andean Cordillera, can impress even a sophisticated traveler who has seen many of the most beautiful corners of nature. Stretching along almost all of South America, this mountain range actually separated a narrow strip of land from the rest of the mainland, becoming a natural barrier, and very difficult … Read more

29 interesting facts about magpies

Magpie birds are known mainly for two interesting features. Firstly, they look like the ubiquitous crows, and secondly, they are greedy for various shiny objects, thanks to which they have long earned a reputation as petty thieves. Indeed, they willingly steal small shiny things, and sometimes they do it extremely boldly and self-confidently, taking the … Read more