25 interesting facts about bullfinches

Bullfinches — amazing birds, whose arrival traditionally marks the beginning of spring. Their little funny little bodies with a red breast cannot be confused with anything! And it is they who are the main inhabitants of the birdhouses and visitors to the feeders, which many of us made at labor lessons in childhood. Interesting facts … Read more

24 interesting facts about algae

Amazing in its diversity, algae have practically not changed over millions of years of evolution, and today they are still are the simplest organisms, perfectly, however, adapted to survive in a variety of conditions. In addition, many types of algae are very tasty and healthy. Interesting facts about algae Algae have neither tissues, nor organs, … Read more

16 interesting facts about cockroaches

They say that cockroaches will be able to survive even in the event of a nuclear war, but this opinion can rather be classified as a myth. However, cockroaches are indeed remarkably resilient, adapting so well to a wide range of environments, which is why they are distributed all over the world. Interesting facts about … Read more

21 interesting facts about ants

Humankind has not only created its own civilization — insects such as ants also coped with this task. Strict hierarchy, territorial claims, distribution of duties — isn’t that civilization? These little hard workers are able to work tirelessly all day long, striving for the common good and following the program laid down in nature. Interesting … Read more

20 interesting facts about snakes

Snakes cause panic in many people, in some cases, by the way, quite justified — the bite of many of them is able to send an adult to the next world very quickly. But nevertheless, there are enough lovers of these reptiles in the world who do not have a soul in them, and keep … Read more

18 interesting facts about raspberries

Raspberry — delicious berry. For many of us, it grows in the country or in a village house with grandparents. But the virtues of raspberries are not limited to the pleasant taste alone — it is also extremely useful, and it is not for nothing that people have used it in folk medicine for centuries, … Read more

21 interesting facts about butterflies

Someone, looking at butterflies, admires their weightless beauty, and someone claims that it is hairy caterpillars with wings. The truth, as always, is somewhere in the middle — because butterflies do develop from caterpillars. There are a great many species of these creatures in the world, which are studied and bred by thousands of enthusiasts. … Read more

20 interesting facts about currants

Have you ever tasted currants? These berries can be called both tasty and healthy. Unfortunately, they are very expensive in stores, so those who have currants grow somewhere in the country are lucky. By the way, the leaves of the currant bush are also very useful — many people brew them with tea. Interesting facts … Read more

18 interesting facts about shrimp

Shrimp — creatures are amazing and extremely tenacious. They are constantly devoured by other marine life, and people catch them in tens of thousands of tons, but at the same time, shrimps in the seas and oceans do not become less due to their fertility. By the way, eating them is very healthy — that’s … Read more

13 interesting facts about crabs

Disputes about who are the most ancient inhabitants of the Earth have been going on for a long time. Crabs, for example, do not claim exclusive superiority, but they still found dinosaurs, and over the past eras have changed very little. And why should they change? Evolution has made them perfectly adapted to life and … Read more