23 interesting facts about North America

A huge number of people live in North America. Once their ancestors arrived here as pioneer colonizers, laying the foundations of civilization in these remote lands. Representatives of indigenous peoples still live here, the number of which, however, was greatly reduced during the conquest of these lands. The nature here is as diverse as in … Read more

17 interesting facts about Micronesia

Micronesia — it is not only a Pacific region with a bunch of islands and islets, it is also a state. More precisely, the state is called the Federated States of Micronesia. This is the land of trails unexplored by mass tourists — Europeans rarely get here because of the inaccessibility of these paradise islands. … Read more

22 interesting facts about Moldova

The Republic of Moldova, is a country of delicious wines and amazing landscapes. In places, the common Soviet past is still strongly felt here, but since the collapse of the USSR, this country has been going its own way, steadily developing from year to year. Facts about Moldova Moldovan wines are not as famous as … Read more

30 interesting facts about Tunisia

The country of Tunisia has long been a popular tourist destination, including among Russians. The warm coast of the Mediterranean Sea, humane prices, cozy hotels of quite a European level – what else is needed in order to have a pleasant vacation? So Tunisian resorts have long and successfully competed with Turkish and Egyptian ones. … Read more

20 interesting facts about Mali

The African country of Mali is not the place to be recommended for a well-deserved vacation. The unstable political environment, general poverty, sky-high levels of corruption and other factors keep this state on the list of the least prosperous on the planet. Global problems are shaking the country one after another, and so far no … Read more

25 interesting facts about Uganda

What is the African country Uganda famous for? Perhaps nothing, except maybe safaris and national parks, which are visited by brave tourists who are not afraid of yellow fever and malaria. This state can be called poor, but it is quite stable, and for several decades now, unlike some other African countries, there have been … Read more

30 interesting facts about Taiwan

The island of Taiwan is both China and not. It is entirely occupied by the Republic of China, a partially recognized state that has existed for about a hundred years and does not recognize the authority of mainland China. This is an amazingly beautiful place, but nature here is fraught with many dangers. Powerful earthquakes … Read more

25 interesting facts about Athens

The city of Athens, the capital of Greece, is an amazing and very interesting place, thoroughly saturated with history. Some of its corners still remember ancient times, and the number of architectural sights here simply rolls over. It’s an insanely beautiful place, and it’s no wonder that millions of tourists come here every year. Interesting … Read more

17 interesting facts about Wuhan

The Chinese city of Wuhan became known to the whole world in early 2020, when an epidemic of a new type of coronavirus broke out in it spread all over the world in just a few months. In fact, this is quite an ordinary metropolis, typical of China and representing a powerful industrial center. Facts … Read more

20 interesting facts about Angola

The country of Angola appeared on the maps as an independent state after the Portuguese colonialists left Africa, giving the former colonies independence. But these lands were ruined by them for a long time, and after their departure, chaos began altogether, which has not completely stopped to this day. Facts about Angola There is not … Read more