13 interesting facts about mosses

There are a huge number of moss species in the world, and they are found almost everywhere, anywhere, in any forest. These plants appeared so long ago that it’s hard to imagine! And at the same time, the fact that mosses have practically not changed over the past eras is doubly surprising. Interesting facts about … Read more

34 interesting facts about rats

Rats — cunning, intelligent and amazingly tenacious creatures that can survive in almost any, even the most extreme conditions. The population of rats is huge in any city, because next to people it is easier for rats to find food and warmth than in the wild. Unfortunately, wild rats are carriers of various diseases, which … Read more

12 interesting facts about rowan

Sorbus — a tree widespread in Eastern Europe and Asia. The berries of the most common species of this tree in our area are not valued because of their bitterness, but the tree itself grows everywhere, besides rowan wood also finds its use. Interesting facts about mountain ash The bitter berries of the common mountain … Read more

12 interesting facts about pine trees

Pine — a tree that grows widely in many countries. Pine wood is highly valued for its properties, and is used to make a wide variety of items, from furniture to toothpicks. The once tall and straight pine trunks were used to make ship masts. Interesting facts about pines Pine trees grow only in the … Read more

26 interesting facts about lions

Lion — a huge African cat, strong and graceful. In the wild, lions live only in the African savannas, but their population is declining year by year due to their widespread extermination by poachers and local residents who protect their livestock from attack. Despite the measures taken to protect lions, these predators are becoming less … Read more

25 interesting facts about rivers

All civilizations on Earth originated around rivers, so their importance to humanity cannot be overestimated. This is water, and food, and a transport artery, and a natural border… Nowadays, by the way, little has changed — rivers are important for both the economy and industry. And people, perhaps, should be more attentive to these veins … Read more

23 interesting facts about volcanoes

Volcano — natural phenomenon is not only frightening, but also really deadly. Science has already thoroughly studied the cause of the appearance of volcanoes in one place or another, but humanity still does not know the main — how to avoid an eruption or prevent it. Although no one can guarantee that this is even … Read more

16 interesting facts about earthquakes

Earthquake — a natural phenomenon that is always capable of demonstrating to mankind its helplessness before the forces of the Earth. In addition to the fact that any sufficiently strong earthquake can destroy an entire city, it can also lead to other equally destructive consequences, such as tsunamis or volcanic eruptions. Interesting facts about earthquakes … Read more

21 interesting facts about lightning

Lightning — natural phenomenon is as amazing as it is frightening. And despite the fact that over the past hundred years science has made good progress in studying a variety of things, lightning is still practically not studied. We know enough to be more or less safe from them — but that’s all. Interesting facts … Read more

18 interesting facts about birch

Birch — a widespread tree that occupies an important place in traditional Slavic culture. Various parts of this common tree are still widely used in traditional medicine, and the image of a slender birch is an integral part of many pastoral landscapes. nteresting facts about birch The hardest in the world the tree refers specifically … Read more