100 interesting facts about the US economy

The United States is one of the most powerful and influential countries in the world. Many people want to live in this country because of the high standard of living. The United States is characterized by a developed economy, high wages and low unemployment. All these factors make the United States attractive for both tourists and expats. Next, we suggest reading interesting facts about the US economy.

1. There are about 6 million mortgages in the United States that are past due.

2. January was distinguished in the USA by reduced real estate prices.

3. In America, families spend more than they can earn. Approximately 43% of families live on this principle.

4. Unemployment increased when Barack Obama took office.

5. Approximately 100 million Americans are poor.

6. Every 7th American citizen has at least ten credit cards.

7. The US has a high number of people who do not pay taxes.

8. If we correlate America’s debt to GDP, then you get 101%.

9. In 2012, oil production in the United States increased.

10. American residents have been able to donate about $19 million in Treasury bonds since 2008. In this way, they wanted to help pay the public debt.

11. In 2011, less energy was consumed in the United States than in 2000.

12. More than 50 million American residents in 2011

13. During the Obama administration, the United States was able to accumulate much more debt than during the entire period of the existence of this state.

14. The US public debt is projected to be 344% of GDP. And it will happen by 2050.

15. The US municipal and government debts are incredibly high.

16. If one in 3 Americans lose their job, they will not be able to pay their mortgage debt or pay their rent anything.

17. Today, families in America have begun to receive more income from the rulers of the state.

18. The price of health insurance for US residents has increased by 9%.

19. Research suggests that 41% of Americans who have a job are in debt or have problems with paying for medical services.

20. 49.9 million Americans live without insurance because there is not enough money for it.

21. The cost of college education in the United States has increased by 900% since 1978.

22. 2 One-third of American students are graduates with student loans.

23. A third of all college graduates in the United States end up working in places where education is not needed.

24. 365 thousand cashiers in the United States have received higher education.

25. Now even waitresses in the United States have higher education.

26. About 50 thousand jobs in the United States are lost per month.

27. Goods from China in the United States of America can now cost more than American goods in China.

28. The United States has had to lose approximately 32% of its jobs since 2000.

29. If you collect all the unemployed Americans, you can get a state that will take 68th place in the world space.

30. 5.9 million American residents aged 25 to 34 live with their parents.

31. Males who are unemployed are more likely to live with their parents in the US than women.

32. Approximately 30% of teenagers worked this summer.

33. Most American children are on food stamps.

34. American children’s poverty has increased by 22%.

35. Every hour, the US debt grows by $150 million.

36. A Big Mac in the US in 2001 could be purchased for $2.54.

37. Approximately 40% of US residents who are employed work in a low-paid position.

38. Mortgage applications have decreased in the United States since 1997.

39. During Prohibition in the United States, alcohol smuggling was called bootlegging.

40. US government forces in 2010 said that that the size of their debt exceeded the debts of all other world states.

41. 5.5 Americans applied for each vacancy in February.

42. For the first time in the existence of this state, banks began to own some part of the individual housing market.

43. US commercial property is less valuable.

44. Since 2007 by 4.6% in the United States, defaults on home mortgages increased.

45. In 2009, US banks recorded a record decline in the private loan segment.

46. Due to the recession, approximately 8 million private sector jobs.

47. Since 2006, the number of Americans visiting soup kitchens has increased.

48. The average American received 343 times less money in the previous year than the average CEO.

49. 1% rich Americans own a third of America’s wealth.

50. 48% of American residents are low-income people.

51. There is little employment in America now.

52. The net worth of America’s housewife is now down 4.1%.

53. The U.S. electricity bill has grown faster than the inflation rate in 5 years.

54. 41% of Americans have medical bill problems.

55. Approximately $4 of all Americans spend money on Chinese goods.

56. Every 6th American resident who has reached adulthood is in poverty.

57. 48.5% of Americans live in a family with there are benefits.

58. The “financial pyramid” was invented by an Italian who emigrated to the United States.

59. America’s currency has changed significantly over the past 200 years.

60. The 1 million dollar banknote that is in use in the United States was invented by Terry Steward.

61. During the war years in the United States galvanized coins were issued.

62. In the USA, every year a study is conducted on the average amount that parents put under their children’s pillows.

63. There was only one day in the USA that this state lived without debts. It is January 8, 1835.

64. Approximately half of all American citizens are “living on the brink of poverty.”

65. America’s tax code is much longer than all the collections of Shakespeare.

66. Apple Corporation in 2012 was able to receive more income than the American government forces.

67. American Bank originally referred to as the Bank of Italy.

68. Small businesses are starting to die out in the US.

69. Only 7% of American non-farm workers are engaged in entrepreneurship.

70. Number Americans receiving financial assistance exceeded the number of Greeks.

71. Government forces were forced to introduce about 70 programs to provide for poor Americans.

72. School feeding programs do not leave about 20 million small Americans hungry.

73. The United States has the strongest GDP and a more technological economy.

74. America’s firms are more flexible than their counterparts in Japan and Western Europe.

75. US capital gains and dividends have grown rapidly since 1996 pace.

76. US oil imports account for approximately 55% of consumption.

77. About $900 billion for the US had to go to direct spending and wars.

78. Since 2010, the US has there is a consumer protection law that regulates the financial stability of the country.

79. Successful people in America most often do not show their success and wealth.

80. At the end of the Civil War in America, it was approximately 40% of counterfeit money.

81. In the United States – the most meticulous tax inspectorate, which shakes out any debt to the penny.

82. Every year 47 trillion dollars are printed in America.

83. In connection with the fact that that there is a slowdown in the economy in the US, marriage has also decreased.

84. New real estate construction in America will soon set a new record at its low pace.

85. More than 2-thirds of students take out a loan for education.

86. An unusual fact is that the people of the United States are able to make money out of nothing.

87. The delusional and implausible ideas of Americans most often generate income.

88. The children of the richest Americans are able to work in an ordinary store.

89. 24% of workers who would need to retire in the USA, postponed this event.

90. The US economy uses advanced technologies and investment goods.

91. More than half of the income of America’s largest companies is created abroad.

92. The US economy is considered the world leader.

93. 10 years ago, the US economy was driven forward by construction and the automotive industry.

94. Now the US economy is driven by information technology.

95. New York is considered the center of America’s finances.

96. The United States has the most successful economic development model.

97. US youth today are poorer people than their parents.

98. Americans of all age groups now earn less than they did 20 years ago.

99. US $829 billion in circulation llars.

100. Many countries admire the US economy.

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