44 interesting facts about foxes

Foxes live on all continents of the Earth, except for cold Antarctica, and in almost every state there is at least one legend or fairy tale, where the fox is the main character. It is not surprising that such a cunning, dexterous and beautiful beast is truly admired.

Foxes have lived with people since the Bronze Age. They were tamed and used like dogs. Foxes were even buried with their owners. Similar remains were discovered by archaeologists in Barcelona. Burials of this type were more than 5000 years old.

In China and Japan, foxes were considered werewolves. People had to believe that this predator is able to bewitch people and completely subdue them. In mythology, foxes could even take the form of a person. Today, these predatory animals live in many countries.

1. Despite the fact that foxes belong to the canine family, they are in many ways more like cats than dogs.

2. Fox hunting began in the 15th century, when it was considered a sport similar to hunting deer and hares. In the 19th century, a hunter named Hugo Meynell was able to develop this “sport” into its current form of entertainment for the upper class of society.

3. The fox genus includes 10 varieties of the animal: ordinary, Afghan, American, sandy, Tibetan and other foxes.

4. The smallest fox is the fennec fox. This is a cute and desert animal with huge ears. The maximum weight of its body is no more than 1.5 kilograms, and its length reaches 40 centimeters.

5. Foxes have the most developed senses – is the sense of smell and hearing. With the help of them, foxes learn about the environment.

6. Sometimes foxes arrange a whole “concert” in front of their own “victims”. They show with their whole appearance that they are not interested in hunting, and when the prey loses its vigilance, the fox attacks it.

7. In the 60s of the previous century, it was possible to breed domestic foxes that showed a loyal attitude towards humans, unlike their tamed relatives.

8. With the help of their own claws, foxes can climb trees perfectly. They can even climb the wall of a wooden building.

9. On the golf courses, it happened when foxes stole balls. Why do they have such a fondness for golf balls – remains a mystery.

10. Among all the wild representatives of the fauna, it is the foxes that most often carry rabies.

11. Special cells in the eyes of the fox allow the animal to double the brightness of the picture. Thanks to this ability, these predators see perfectly at night.

12. The tail for the fox has become not just an ornament, but an important organ. Thanks to him, this type of animal maintains balance when running, and also wraps itself in it in winter to protect against frost.

13. When a fox begins the mating season, this animal dances a kind of dance, the so-called “fox foxtrot”. At the same time, the animal rises on its hind legs, after which it walks in front of its partner for a long time.

14. Foxes have beautiful fur, and as a result, it has become a real gold mine for fur clothing manufacturers. 85% of fox fur products come from animals raised in captivity.

15. A fox uses a magnetic field not to navigate in space, but to find prey. This became her unique ability in the world of fauna.

16. Foxes basically create their own burrow underground. But at the same time, they can also live on the surface, for example, in a tree.

17. No wonder foxes are called smart animals. They have an interesting method of getting rid of fleas. Foxes with a stick in their teeth go deep into the water, and the fleas move to this trap. After a while, the animal throws out the stick, and with it the annoying fleas.

18. The fox has a rough tongue.

19. In Africa, there is a big-eared fox, which has good hearing not only due to large ears. She uses it the same way bats do. This is necessary in order to hear at a distance where the insects are hiding.

20. Foxes reach speeds of up to 50 km per hour.

21. The hole of this animal goes to a depth of 0.5 to 2.5 meters. The main entrance is about 17 centimeters in diameter.

22. Foxes have become a regulator of the number of rodents and insects.

23. On one territory there are from 2 to 8 foxes.

24. Foxes can perfectly confuse the tracks when chasing, and in order to completely mislead the opponent, they hide in several places. It is because of this that they were given the title of the most cunning animal in nature.

25. Scientists managed to count about 40 sounds made by these animals. So, for example, they can imitate the barking of a dog.

26. In Belarus, a coin was issued in honor of the fox. The relief head of this animal is depicted on its surface. The eyes are small diamonds. The face value of such a coin is 50 rubles.

27. Foxes can hear the movement of a mouse under a 1 meter layer of snow.

28. The fox can run non-stop throughout the night.

29. The length of the body of each fox depends on its breed and ranges from 55 to 90 cm. The length of the tail is 60 cm.

30. Southern foxes are smaller in size, and their hair is much duller than that of their counterparts living in the northern regions.

31. Often foxes are called Patrikeevna. This name was given to the animal in honor of one Novgorod prince Patrikey Narimuntovich, who was considered a quirky and cunning person.

32. Little foxes are quite playful and restless, but if their mother calls out, they will immediately stop playing and run to her.

33. The main enemies of foxes were wolves and eagles.

34. The only drawback of fox vision is that it does not recognize shades.

35. In the mouth of this predator, there are 42 teeth, with the exception of the big-eared fox, which has 48 teeth.

36. The fox does not chew food, but tears it into small pieces and swallows it whole.

37. The fox has a built-in compass in the form of thin hairs on its paws. These hairs allow the fox to feel the direction of the wind and navigate in space.

38. Foxes, like wolves, are monogamous animals. They have one pair for life.

39. Despite the huge variety of species, there are only 3 types of foxes in Russia.

40. The tail of the fox smells of violets. There is a gland present that produces a floral scent. That is why the expression “to cover their tracks” has acquired a slightly different meaning, because foxes hide not only paw prints on the ground, but also hide their own smell.

41. In Chinese mythology, the fox has a special place. They represented this animal as a bad sign. It was a creature associated with evil spirits. It was believed that fire was enclosed in the tail of this animal. As soon as the beast hits the ground with it, everything around will flare up.

42. The tricky rain on a sunny day is called “fox shower” by the Japanese.

43. In captivity, foxes live up to 25 years, but they prefer freedom and a short life in nature up to 3 years.

44. Unlike their own relatives, foxes do not live in packs. When raising offspring, the fox lives in a small family, called “fox eyeliners”.

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