69 interesting facts about Australia’s animals

Like any other continent, beautiful and hot Australia has its own characteristics. Many animals living there are marsupials. Not only the most unique representatives of the fauna live there, but also animals that are dangerous to humans. The animal world of Australia is devoid of monkeys, but the world of ruminants and pachyderms of this continent is no less extraordinary.

1. Approximately 5000 years ago, thanks to the sailors of Indonesia, dingo dogs appeared in Australia.

2. The weight of a dingo can be about 15 kilograms.

3. The dingo dog is considered the largest land predator on the Australian continent.

4. Only in Australia lives an earthen omnivore called the rabbit bandicoot, the length of which can be approximately 55 centimeters.

5. A huge swamp bird of Australia is the black swan.

6. The spiny anteater or echidna lives only on the Australian continent.

7. Speed ​​up to 40 kilometers per hour can be developed by an Australian animal – a wombat, which has a strange body structure.

8. Approximately 180 centimeters in height is an omnivore – Australian emu.

9. The koala is considered the nocturnal animal of Australia. There are about 700 species of them.

10. It is the kangaroo that symbolizes Australia.

11. The kangaroo is considered quite a social animal, because they live in herds.

12. On the fingers of a koala there is the same pattern as on the fingers of a person.

13. More than 100 million sheep live in Australia, and therefore the export of sheep wool is one of the main sectors of the economy of this continent.

14. Almost half of all animals settled in Australia are endemic species.

15. Snakes are considered the most dangerous creatures in Australia. There are more venomous snakes on this continent than non-venomous ones.

16. Approximately 1.5-2 meters in length can be reached by Australian earthworms living in the hills of Australia.

17. It is thanks to selfies of Australian tourists all over the world became famous for kangaroos.

18. No one has died from a spider bite in Australia since 1979.

19. The poison from a Taipan snake bite can kill about a hundred people.

20. More than 550 thousand one-humped camels walk in the Australian deserts.

21. 3.3 times more sheep than people live in Australia.

22. The excrement of marsupial wombats has a cubic shape.

23. Male koalas have a forked penis.

24. Kangaroo paws are like those of a hare.

25. The only food of the koala living in Australia is eucalyptus leaves.

26. Koala almost never drinks water.

27. Emu is drawn on the coat of arms of Australia.

28. The emu is the most curious animal of this continent.

29. The little echidna eats, licking the milk from the mother’s belly.

30. The Australian desert frog can sit for about 5 years, buried deep in the mud in anticipation of rain.

31. The comb-tailed mouse, living in Australia, receives fluid from the tissue of the victim. This animal does not drink water at all.

32. The largest individuals of the wombat weighed up to 40 kilograms.

33. In Australia, wombats are kept as pets.

34. Approximately 200 thousand species of animals live in Australia, most of them are unique.

35. Approximately 950 species of reptiles are found on this continent.

36. About 4400 species of fish.

37. The female emu lays green eggs, and the male incubates them.

38. Platypuses living in Australia spend most of their time in holes.

39. Approximately 1 kilogram a koala can eat eucalyptus a day.

40. Koalas do not eat young eucalyptus leaves because they contain poison.

41. A short-tailed skink living in Australia molts twice a year.

42. In the 17th century, Cook discovered the opossum that lives on the Australian continent.

43. The Australian brindle cat is also called the “marsupial marten”.

44. One of the deadliest creatures in Australia are jellyfish.

45. The taipan is considered a fast and poisonous snake with toxic venom.

46. The most poisonous fish in Australia is stonefish.

47. Any harm to snakes in Australia is fined up to 4 thousand dollars.

48. On the south coast Australia lives white sharks, which are also called “white death”.

49. Initially, platypuses were christened as “bird-bills”.

50. Koalas are used to sleeping 20 hours a day.

51. Almost every supermarket in Australia sells the meat of the symbol of this country – kangaroo.

52. In Australia, until today, they compete in shearing sheep.

53. The platypus is considered the only animal with electroreception.

54. The tenacious tail has Australian animal kuzu.

55. The Australian platypus has no teeth.

56. The only animal in Australia that moves by jumping is the kangaroo.

57. The speed of movement of a kangaroo is approximately 20 kilometers per hour.

58. The weight of a kangaroo reaches 90 kilograms.

59. The koala is considered a lazy animal.

60. In terms of its size, the emu took the second place in the world.

61. The dingo dog, which lives in Australia, is considered a descendant of the Indian wolf.

62. The combed crocodile has been living in Australia since the times dinosaurs.

63. The salt-eater is also known as salt-eater by the locals.

64. Flying foxes are carriers of the deadly virus in Australia.

65. 100 times stronger poison of a cobra and 1000 times stronger than the poison of a tarantula is the poison of an Australian jellyfish.

66. The bite of a marble snail living in Australia can lead to paralysis of the respiratory muscles.

67. A wart is the most poisonous fish of this continent.

68. The male koala is able to produce a strange sound similar to the grunting of a pig.

69. Kangaroo rats are considered the rarest animal in Austria ralia.

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