70 interesting facts about owls

Since childhood, we know a lot about owls. This is exactly the bird that is a symbol of wisdom. Owls are graceful and beautiful. Interesting facts about owls are taught in botany classes, but this is not all that an adult needs to know about this nocturnal bird.

1. Not all types of owls hunt only at night, some also lead a daytime lifestyle.

2. Newborn owl chicks are born blind and with white down.

3. Of all the facts about owls, it is interesting that almost no one has ever seen these birds, but only heard their voices.

4. Owls are secretive birds.

5. Owl is considered born predator. This bird feeds on both the smallest creatures and large animals.

6. There are varieties of owls in the world that feed only on birds.

7. Owls have an unusual neck structure, thanks to which they can turn their heads 270 degrees.

8. In life, these birds fly almost silently.

9. The rudiment of the outer ear is well developed in these birds.

10. Throughout their life, owls create a strong family and have only one partner.

11. To protect their prey, owls in snakes bring their nests, which destroy insects and other harmful creatures.

12. The myth is that owls have spherical large eyes. These birds have a telescopic eye structure.

13. Seeing an owl, many people fear its attack, but it should be feared only at the moment when this bird protects its offspring.

14. The Eurasian eagle owl is considered the largest representative of owls.

15. The pygmy Peruvian owl is considered the smallest representative of such birds.

16. The owl sees with “ears”.

17. The cry of the snowy owl is similar to the cry of sea birds.

18. The favorite food of owls is hedgehogs, which they clean from needles with their own claws.

19. The number of views of videos with owls exceeds those of videos about cats.

20. In Egyptian hieroglyphics, the letter M was designated precisely with the help of the image of an owl.

21. The eyes of owls are practically motionless.

22. Owls mostly prefer to sleep during the day.

23. Different species of owls can hunt each other.

24. The only species of owls that eat only plant foods are owl-elves.

25. Owl ways to hunt wild boars and golden eagles.

26. The weight of the smallest owl reaches about 30 grams.

27. Owls are far-sighted birds, and therefore they see better in the distance than near.

28. Owls can catch fish with their claws.

29. Only in Antarctica there are no owls.

30. Owls, unlike other birds, have 3 pairs of eyelids.

31. According to the ancient Egyptians, owls lived in the realm of the dead.

32. If you delve into Chinese culture, it becomes clear that owls are the personification of evil forces.

33. About 220 species of birds belong to the representatives of owls.

34. Thread-like feathers help owls feel the prey.

35. Owls are considered predators. They are able to swallow their prey whole.

36. Owls have a zygodactyl paw structure. They have two fingers facing back, and two forward.

37. These birds see especially well in low light.

38. Most often, owls live alone, but sometimes they can be found flock.

39. Without much difficulty, these birds are able to hear sounds with a frequency of 2 Hz.

40. Such a bird does not have an eyeball.

41. Owls that rely only on their own hearing during hunting are called barn owls.

42. The Slavs have always considered the owl an “unclean bird”, because they attributed to it a connection with demons and goblins.

43. Owls live for about 10 years, but in captivity their life expectancy is extended to 40 years.

44. The speed of this bird at the moment of flight reaches 80 km/h.

45. Owl starts clicking its beak when it is excited or something annoys it.

46. Owl can only look forward.

47. Owl’s hearing is 4 times better than cats.

48. In complete darkness, the owl sees, despite widespread rumors that it is not.

49. The eyes of these birds are able to reflect light.

50. Under natural conditions, it was not an owl has been observed to drink water.

51. An adult female owl is 20-25% heavier than a male.

52. Owl chicks do not hatch at the same time. The interval of their birth is 1-3 days.

53. Owls have no teeth.

54. Owls like rain because they wash their wings thanks to it.

55. If you believe the predictions, then the hooting of an owl is heard for trouble.

56. If an owl sits on a church, then soon someone close will die.

57. At owls the ears are not symmetrical.

58. Older chicks of owls are able to eat newborn chicks.

59. Owls are considered devoted and faithful birds.

60. The plumage of these birds allows they camouflage themselves in their natural habitat.

61. The largest population of owls lives in Asia.

62. Female owls are much more aggressive than males.

63. B Japan has restaurants and cafes where you can eat and enjoy being with owls.

64. Owls breed only once a year.

65. At one time, an owl can lay 3 -5 eggs.

66. Only the female owl incubates the eggs, while the male provides food at this time.

67. Both the male and the female feed the newborn chicks.

68. Most often, owls die of hunger.

69. These birds spend most of their lives alone.

70. The owl is considered I am the quietest bird in the world.

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