30 interesting facts about shellfish

A person can meet mollusks anywhere. These soft-bodied creatures are usually protected by a shell. This class includes snails, and mussels, and oysters, and squids, and octopuses. It is also noteworthy that mollusks are second in number after arthropods. Today there are approximately 75-100 thousand species of them in the world. Each mollusk has amazing … Read more

40 interesting facts about mice

Mice are considered amazing creatures that can survive in the most difficult conditions. These rodents have long been used in laboratories for the purpose of conducting experiments, and in the wild, mice recreate large flocks. As a pet, decorative mice have also proven themselves since ancient times. Scientists at the University of Jerusalem have found … Read more

30 interesting facts about seagulls

It would be hard to imagine lakes or seas without seagulls. These birds live wherever they can catch other aquatic inhabitants or collect garbage. The seagull is an aggressive and quarrelsome representative of birds. Such a bird is used to living in a large group and is constantly fighting for a better place or food … Read more

44 interesting facts about foxes

Foxes live on all continents of the Earth, except for cold Antarctica, and in almost every state there is at least one legend or fairy tale, where the fox is the main character. It is not surprising that such a cunning, dexterous and beautiful beast is truly admired. Foxes have lived with people since the … Read more

68 Interesting facts about International Bird Day

April 1st is International Bird Day. The main purpose of the holiday is to solve the problem of extinction of some species of birds and prevent the occurrence of an ecological catastrophe in the world.Birds are an important part of the ecosystem. They also play a significant role in human life. There is a theory … Read more