16 interesting facts about Afghanistan

Afghanistan — a country of amazingly beautiful mountains, hot summers and sometimes cruel customs. The conflict has been going on here for many years, a fair part of the country’s territory is controlled by militants of various gangs and terrorist organizations, but against the background of all this, ordinary people are somehow trying to continue living a normal life.

Interesting facts about Afghanistan

  1. In a literal translation from Persian, “Afghanistan” means “Silent country”. At the same time, from the languages ​​of the Turkic group, the word “Afghan” is translated as “hidden”. Both of these interpretations are perfect for describing Afghanistan – a mountainous, inaccessible country where all the tribes who wanted to preserve their independence disappeared.
  2. Near Kabul, the Afghan capital, the largest copper deposit in Eurasia was discovered. The largest iron ore deposit in South Asia is located in the same area.
  3. Afghanistan is considered one of the most dangerous countries in the world along with Somalia (interesting facts about Somalia).
  4. People inhabited modern Afghan lands at least 5 thousand years ago. The rural communities that arose in this area were the first on the planet.
  5. Scientists believe that one of the ancient religions, Zoroastrianism, originated in Afghanistan several thousand years BC, and Zarathustra himself allegedly lived and died in the local city of Balkh.
  6. Afghanistan became the first state to recognize the RSFSR after the revolution.
  7. This country is the largest producer of opiates on the planet. According to UN statistics, about 90% of drugs entering Europe cross the Afghan border.
  8. Afghanistan ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of children born by local residents – on average, each woman in this country gives birth to 6 -7 times.
  9. In Afghanistan, 47% of men and only 15% of women are literate. Despite this, Afghans are very fond of poetry, and every home has at least one volume of poetry. Closed poetry competitions are held even among illiterate workers and peasants.
  10. This state occupies the sad first place among the countries of the world in terms of infant mortality – 226 babies under the age of 5 die out of 1000 born.
  11. The national sport in Afghanistan is called buzkashi. Two teams of riders enter the field, where they have to capture and hold the skin of a goat. Afghan youth enjoy kite fighting.
  12. Afghan hounds are graceful hunting dogs that, as the name of their breed suggests, originate from Afghanistan. Scientists have found that this is one of the most difficult dogs in terms of training, but at the same time, Afghans are friendly, playful and love to communicate with people.
  13. The national dance of the Afghans – attan, is performed, as a rule, by men. This is a circle dance in which from two to several hundred people participate. Whirling to booming drums and flutes lasts an average of 5 to 30 minutes, but can take up to 5 hours.
  14. Afghan athletes took part in 13 Summer Olympics, and during this time they won two bronze medals in competitions in taekwondo. The same wrestler won both times.
  15. In Afghanistan, where 99% of the population professes Islam, there is only one pig, and they keep it in the Kabul zoo.
  16. While serving in In Afghanistan, two soldiers from Scotland jokingly promised each other that if one of them died, the other would come to his funeral dressed as a woman. And so it happened, and the tear-stained soldier sat at the grave of his friend in a bright yellow dress and pink spats.
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