18 interesting facts about Antalya

Chic Antalya is one of the most visited Turkish cities by foreign tourists. It beckons with magnificent beaches, an abundance of sunny days and colorful nature. In winter, the tourist flow in this direction subsides, but experienced travelers know that the most interesting thing in Antalya is not the sea and beaches, but an incredibly rich cultural and historical heritage that you can enjoy at any time of the year.

Facts about Antalya

  1. In the summer, with the onset of the tourist season, the number of people in the city doubles.
  2. The area of ​​​​Antalya is twice the area of ​​countries such as Singapore, Bahrain or Dominica (interesting facts about Dominica).
  3. For the first time, Antalya is mentioned in chronicles dating back to the 2nd century BC. This is really an ancient city.
  4. Primitive people lived in these parts even in the Stone Age.
  5. After the First World War, Antalya was under Italian occupation for 2 years.
  6. Samaya the lowest temperature ever recorded here was -4.4 degrees. And the highest is plus 45.2 degrees.
  7. There is no central heating in local houses, and the walls are not thick or thermally insulated, so it gets cold here in winter.
  8. Despite the obvious resort orientation, there are not so many hotels and inns in the city. Most of them are located outside of Antalya, in the nearest suburbs, usually very picturesque.
  9. The city is considered safe for tourists. Usually, the maximum danger that threatens guests here is to be deceived by cunning merchants who can easily sell some Chinese consumer goods at a triple price, passing it off as exclusive handmade work.
  10. In the summer, it sometimes does not rain over Antalya for 3-4 months (interesting facts about rain).
  11. This city became Muslim about 1000 years ago. Prior to that, it was under the control of the Byzantine Empire for a long time, and it was inhabited by Christians.
  12. There are amazingly beautiful waterfalls in the city of Antalya. This is the famous Duden Cascade.
  13. Since a huge number of tourists arrive here every summer, the Turkish authorities had to build a second airport, since one could no longer cope with the flow of passengers.
  14. At one time, Antalya was under the control of the Roman Empire.
  15. The most popular drink in the city is coffee. Coffee houses are located literally on every corner.
  16. The picturesque coastal area in which Antalya is located is informally called «Turkish Riviera» (interesting facts about Turkey).
  17. It sometimes snows here in winter, but very rarely, besides, it usually melts immediately.
  18. The old city in Antalya is practically not affected by modern buildings, and therefore, it is of great interest to all tourists who are not indifferent to history and culture.
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