17 interesting facts about badgers

Very cute animals, badgers are actually very serious animals. They spend most of their lives with their family, and at the same time they are distinguished by courage and courage. Even when meeting with a obviously stronger opponent, the badger never gives up, defending himself to the last. For humans, these animals are not dangerous, at least they never attack on purpose, but trying to pet this cute animal, stumbling upon it in the forest, would be a very unreasonable and generally bad idea.

Interesting facts about badgers

  1. Like bears, they usually hibernate during the winter. But this applies only to northern badgers – southern ones do not fall asleep in winter.
  2. In autumn, before a long winter sleep, all northern badgers diligently eat off, increasing their weight by 30-40%. In summer, an ordinary, not too fat badger weighs 20-22 kg, and before hibernation, its weight can reach up to 31-34 kg.
  3. Badgers are found mainly in the taiga. Sometimes they live in the mountains, but only at a low altitude, and if the mountain slopes are covered with forests (interesting facts about the taiga).
  4. Badgers rarely change habitat, and they usually supplement and develop underground burrow complexes dug by their ancestors. Scientists know underground badger settlements, which are about 2000 years old.
  5. In most cases, they form pairs for life.
  6. In case of danger, badgers usually flee if they have the opportunity. But if there is nowhere to run, or you need to protect the cubs, they fight like real heroes, and they can defeat even a wolf or a large dog.
  7. Badger claws are not the best weapon, as they are quite blunt. But they are very convenient to dig the ground.
  8. These animals are very clean. From time to time they arrange «general cleaning» in their burrows, dragging out old litter and everything else.
  9. Badgers usually equip living quarters in their complex and branched burrows at a depth of 3-5 meters underground.
  10. Badgers are omnivores. Their menu also includes a variety of plant foods, but on occasion they do not mind eating earthworms, small rodents, lizards or even birds (interesting facts about birds).
  11. The closest relative of the badger in terms of biology is the marten.
  12. If a pregnant female badger hibernates for the winter, the development of embryos in her womb slows down greatly.
  13. These animals live up to 15-16 years, but in the wild they rarely live longer than 10- 11 years old.
  14. Badgers recognize each other by the specific smell emitted by their glands.
  15. The body length of an adult badger can reach 1 meter.
  16. They are very sociable and playful. Scientists have repeatedly observed how badgers fool around and play without any specific goal. They are just having fun.
  17. Foxes willingly occupy badger holes so as not to dig their own. Sometimes they even evict the rightful owners (interesting facts about foxes).
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