16 interesting facts about Bahrain

Small, even tiny Bahrain — one of the few absolute monarchies that have survived on Earth. This state has gained its fabulous wealth thanks to the deposits of minerals, in particular oil. True, oil has one unpleasant quality — sooner or later it ends.

Interesting facts about Bahrain

  1. An American military base is located on the territory of this country.
  2. Bahrain entirely occupies a small archipelago next to shores of Saudi Arabia.
  3. Bahrain is connected to the Arabian Peninsula by a 25-kilometer road bridge.
  4. Of all the Arab countries, Bahrain — the smallest.
  5. For a long time, Indian rupees were used for settlements in Bahrain, but subsequently the country switched to its own currency — Bahraini dinars, which are firmly pegged to the US dollar.
  6. About ten percent of Bahrain’s population is Christian.
  7. There is no alcohol in Bahrain at all. It is banned for both locals and guests of the state.
  8. One of the local attractions is an ancient 400-year-old tree that grows alone in the desert, at the highest point in the country.
  9. Photographing anyone in Bahrain without their prior permission is an attack on privacy life, and therefore threatens with imprisonment.
  10. The ruling dynasty of monarchs has not been interrupted here for more than 230 years.
  11. The king in Bahrain personifies absolute power, but all decisions made by him are controlled by the constitution.
  12. Saturday and Friday are days off in Bahrain.
  13. Bahrain gained full independence from Great Britain only in 1971. Up to this point, the British government had some control over the politics of this country.
  14. Bahrainian athletes take part in every Summer Olympics. For objective reasons, winter sports are not held in high esteem here.
  15. Political parties in this country are prohibited at the legislative level.
  16. An ancient civilization existed on the territory of modern Bahrain about five thousand years ago.
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