33 interesting facts about Colombia

The beautiful country of Colombia, a former Spanish colony, still looks the same in places as it did three hundred years ago back. Local towns are a real paradise for lovers of antiquity and admirers of colonial architecture, because, despite the fact that they do not live well here, the Colombians still retained many historical buildings. But when planning a trip to Colombia, it is worth remembering that this country is by no means safe even for local residents, not to mention tourists.

Facts about Colombia

  1. It borders 10 other countries.
  2. Colombia is one of the top 8 most polluting countries.
  3. Among all countries of the world in terms of species diversity, Colombia ranks 2nd in the world – more than 54,000 different species of living creatures are registered here. And the palm in this nomination belongs to neighboring Costa Rica (interesting facts about Costa Rica).
  4. The population of all of Colombia is 2 times higher than the population of Chinese Shanghai, the largest city in the world.
  5. The Colombian capital, Bogota, was founded by the Spanish conquerors on the ruins of the Chibcha Indian civilization back in the 16th century.
  6. Drug lord Pablo Escobar, who was once the richest man in the world, was Colombian.
  7. There is a city in this country called «Armenia».
  8. Colombians don’t usually carry mobile phones with them for fear of being robbed. But here, at almost every intersection, there are people who, for a fee, will let the phone ring. Of course, they are guarded by comrades.
  9. Once Panama was part of the Republic of Colombia (interesting facts about Panama).
  10. Since Bogota, the Colombian capital, lies at an altitude of about 2600 meters above sea level, it is quite cool here. In the entire history of observations, the temperature here has never risen above +25.8 degrees, and once a frost of -6.4 degrees was even recorded.
  11. Colombia ranks 2nd in coffee production in the world, second only to Brazil.
  12. In Colombia, when they come to a cafe, especially a street cafe, locals, if possible, never sit with their backs to the entrance. For safety reasons.
  13. Colombia is one of the sunniest countries in the world.
  14. The percentage of the Hispanic population in Colombia is higher than in Spain itself.
  15. In terms of economic development, Colombia ranks 4th among all countries in Latin America (interesting facts about Latin America).
  16. Name «Colombia» an asteroid, a mountain and a cape in Canada, and a river flowing through North America are also worn.
  17. It is not customary in Colombia to take off your shoes when entering a house. The floors here are usually made of tile, which stays cold and is easy to clean.
  18. Bogota is consistently included in the anti-rating of the most dangerous cities in the world.
  19. Colombians sometimes put salty cheese in their coffee.
  20. They call the dogs here, saying «kiss-kiss».
  21. Bogotá’s airport is the largest in Latin America.
  22. The official symbol of Colombia is the condor bird, one of the largest in the world. The wingspan of a condor can reach 2.5-3 meters.
  23. In terms of area, Colombia is approximately the size of Spain, Portugal and France combined.
  24. About 95% of all emeralds in the world are mined in Colombian mines.
  25. Colombia got its name in honor of Christopher Columbus (interesting facts about Columbus).
  26. Here it is customary to give bouquets with an even number of flowers, and not with an odd number, as in many countries.
  27. In some Colombian nightclubs, buckle belts are forced to hand in at the entrance, since it is believed that such a belt wound around a fist is no less dangerous than brass knuckles.
  28. Over 3,500 species of orchids grow in Colombia.
  29. About 70% of all flowers sold in US flower shops are imported from Colombia.
  30. According to experts, in On average, Colombians drink about 400 billion cups of coffee every year.
  31. Colombia has 15 active volcanoes (interesting facts about volcanoes).
  32. Women in this country only gained the right to vote in 1957.
  33. Over the entire time of participation in the Olympic Games, the Colombians won only one gold medal, in the women’s weightlifting ethics.
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