32 interesting facts about Croatia

The Balkans are generally quite a popular tourist destination, and Croatia is no exception. A lot of people come here every year, some looking for beautiful landscapes, some for clean and well-groomed beaches, and some for historical and cultural interests. This country is remarkable for that – here everyone finds what they are looking for.

Facts about Croatia

  1. This state appeared on world maps only in 1992, after Yugoslavia finally broke up.
  2. Serbs and Croats are kindred peoples, they even have the same language – Serbo-Croatian. By the way, it is also spoken in Montenegro (facts about Montenegro).
  3. Almost a quarter of the population of the whole country lives in the Croatian capital, Zagreb, and its suburbs.
  4. Most Croats are very friendly refers to foreigners, with the exception of former compatriots in Yugoslav times.
  5. The percentage of people with higher education in Croatia is lower than in all other European countries.
  6. Ambulances are sent here only in really critical cases, otherwise all patients are encouraged to get to hospitals on their own.
  7. About 5 times more people live in Beijing than in all of Croatia (interesting facts about Beijing).
  8. This country is one of the 15% most visited countries in the world by tourists.
  9. Four out of five Croats know at least one foreign language. English, German and Italian dominate.
  10. The territory of Croatia includes more than 1100 islands.
  11. Almost half (47%) of Croatian lands has the status of a specially protected natural area.
  12. Traditional Croatian lace is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  13. The most popular beach in the country, the Golden Cape, constantly changes its shape under the influence of winds and sea currents.
  14. It was precisely the first ties in the world that appeared here, and only then they were adopted by the French. And then the whole world.
  15. Spotted Dalmatian dogs come from here.
  16. Croatia has the smallest city in the world, in which just over 20 people live.
  17. You can safely drink the tap water here – it is clean.
  18. The TV series «Game of Thrones» was filmed here.
  19. The cladding of the American White House is made of stone, mined in Croatia.
  20. Croatian pensioners do not pay taxes.
  21. Since 2010, the Museum of Broken Relationships, or «Museum of Divorces», has been operating in Zagreb.
  22. In the presence of official employment, Croats have the right to vote in elections from the age of 16. If there is no work, you will have to wait for adulthood.
  23. Croatia was the first in the world to open special beaches for nudists.
  24. In the local language, the word «diarrhea» means «pride».
  25. A wine festival is held in the Croatian city of Ludbreg in early April. On this day, all the water in the city fountains is replaced with wine.
  26. The museum in the city of Makarska houses the world’s largest collection of shells.
  27. Croatia has its own colosseum, which is considered by many scientists to be the prototype its more famous Roman counterpart.
  28. Croatian money, kuna, was named after martens, the skins of which were once used here as a means of payment.
  29. At the beginning of the 17th century, the first Europe’s public theater.
  30. There are a lot of trout in the rivers and lakes of Croatia, but fishing is prohibited by law.
  31. Croats consider noon the best time for lunch.
  32. All locals residents are firmly convinced that the Adriatic Sea is the most beautiful and picturesque in the world.
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