15 interesting facts about Dominica

The little Caribbean country of Dominica — interesting place. Located on the island of the same name, it is a fairly typical former colony that still retains part of its former heritage from the times of the Great Geographical Discoveries. The country itself, however, still remains quite poor and not too prosperous.

Interesting facts about Dominica

  1. There are several volcanoes on Dominica, but, fortunately, all of them are are sleeping. True, it cannot be ruled out that someday they may wake up (interesting facts about volcanoes).
  2. Dominica is often confused with another country — Dominican Republic.
  3. The official language in Dominica — English, but many here speak Patois, which is a dialect of French.
  4. Every third working-age resident of this country works in the field of agriculture.
  5. The island of Dominica was discovered by Christopher Columbus (interesting facts about Columbus).
  6. Today, Dominica is one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean region, along with Haiti.
  7. The first people on the island appeared about eight thousand years ago.
  8. Due to the fact that many residents emigrate from the country in search of a better life, the population here practically does not change from year to year.
  9. The first Europeans to settle in Dominica were French missionaries.
  10. More than 90% of the country’s population is Christian.
  11. Local currency — East Caribbean dollar. It is also used in a number of other countries, such as Antigua and Barbuda (interesting facts about Antigua and Barbuda).
  12. Tourism in Dominica is developing at a slow pace due to the modest number of good beaches on the island. What to do, Dominika — not an atoll, but a volcanic island, and there are really few sandy beaches here.
  13. You can become a citizen of Dominica for one hundred thousand dollars — the government of the country quite officially sells its passports.
  14. The basis of local cuisine is meat dishes and various sauces.
  15. The ecological situation in Dominica is excellent. A fair share of the energy consumed here is produced using solar panels, geothermal installations and hydroelectric power plants. The air is fresh, the sea is clean. But the streets are dirty, of course.
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