14 interesting facts about El Salvador

Central America — it is a seething cauldron in which the flames of revolutions and armed conflicts never subside, and the Republic of El Salvador — one of the most restless places in the world, along with neighboring countries — Honduras and Guatemala. Particularly courageous tourists sometimes get here, thirsting for the natural beauties of these lands, but do not forget that Salvador — really dangerous place.

Interesting facts about El Salvador

  1. The word «elvador» translated from Portuguese as «savior».
  2. Among all Central American countries, El Salvador — the most densely populated.
  3. The windows of all the houses in here are taken away with strong bars and equipped with shutters up to the 3rd floor. What to do — they often shoot in the streets.
  4. Once Honduras declared war on El Salvador because of the loss of their football team. The conflict ended up being short, but quite destructive and bloody.
  5. On the territory of this country there are many volcanoes, some of which — active (interesting facts about volcanoes).
  6. In 2001, the authorities of El Salvador abandoned their own currency, replacing it with the US dollar.
  7. The population of El Salvador has not changed much for quite a long time.
  8. Only about 80% of Salvadorans are literate.
  9. Minimum wage in El Salvador — $224, higher than the minimum wage in Russia.
  10. El Salvador — the first country in the world to impose a ban on the development of mineral deposits.
  11. The murder rate (more than a hundred people for every hundred thousand) in this country — the highest in the world.
  12. All Salvadorans speak Spanish, although some also speak some tribal Indian language.
  13. Salvador’s Izalco volcano erupts on average once every 8 minutes.
  14. All local food in El Salvador is very spicy, so you should try it with caution.
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