27 interesting facts about Estonia

The small but prosperous state of Estonia is located to the north of Russia. Local history, elements of the common Soviet past, and European traditions are intricately intertwined there, and all this makes the Estonian lands so interesting for numerous tourists. A walk through the narrow streets of old Tallinn or a visit to the harsh sea coast will forever leave an indelible impression in your memory.

Facts about Estonia

  1. Every year more tourists visit it than live in the country at all people.
  2. There are more women in Estonia than men.
  3. The ability to vote in elections via the Internet was introduced for the first time in the world here, back in 2005.
  4. There are no traffic jams on Estonian roads.
  5. Many Estonians do not take cash in their hands for months – here you can conveniently pay with a card everywhere.
  6. Almost half of the entire territory of Estonia is covered with dense forests. The authorities carefully protect green spaces.
  7. Among all countries of the world, for some reason, Estonia ranks first in terms of the ratio of the number of meteorite craters to the total area of ​​​​the state.
  8. Swinging competitions are held here annually, and mostly adults take part.
  9. In 2013, this Baltic state launched its first satellite into Earth’s orbit.
  10. There are more than 1,100 lakes in Estonia. This is about 80 times less than in neighboring Finland (facts about Finland).
  11. Many Estonians like to combine a trip to the bathhouse and swimming in an ice hole.
  12. About a quarter The population of Estonia is Russian.
  13. Some names and simple words in Estonian begin with the sound «Ы».
  14. Not all Estonians have a valid passport, which causes much controversy due to discrimination. Especially often the holders of «foreigner’s passport» representatives of national minorities become here.
  15. In addition to mainland possessions, Estonia owns more than 2300 islands. In total, about 5% of the country’s population lives on them.
  16. About 20% of Estonian territories are occupied by swamps.
  17. The icy roads are sprinkled with crushed granite in winter, and in spring it is collected to reuse next year.
  18. High-speed mobile internet is excellent in more than 99% of Estonia.
  19. The melody of the Estonian anthem is the same as the melody of the Finnish one.
  20. Those who wish to obtain an Estonian driver’s license must pass a separate winter driving test.
  21. Estonians have been challenging the Germans for the invention of marzipan for many years.
  22. Despite the cool climate, there are ostrich farms here.
  23. There is not a single living room in all of Estonia that is not equipped with a fire detector.
  24. A tenant who has not been pays utility bills, according to Estonian laws, they can easily be evicted from an apartment.
  25. This country is one of the least religious in the world.
  26. Estonia is the least densely populated country in Europe.
  27. The literacy rate here is one of the highest in the world – about 99.8% of all adults th population.
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