11 interesting facts about forest plants

A huge variety of plant species grow in forest zones, many of which are very interesting and unusual. The forest is a real, wild, forest not spoiled by man – it is a real natural treasure house with life boiling in it. And there is no need to invade it with our intentions, because we are not masters there, but only guests, and we are only allowed to look, and not destroy what we touch.

Interesting facts about the plants of forest zones

  1. The variety of their species is decreasing year by year. By now, mankind has already destroyed more than half of all forest zones on Earth, along with the plants growing there.
  2. The total area of ​​​​all forest zones on our planet reaches 38 million square kilometers.
  3. Trees are the backbone of any forest. If there are few of them, this is no longer a forest, but a woodland (interesting facts about trees).
  4. In the forest zones of Europe, plants can form 1-2 levels of canopy, and in tropical forests there are up to 5.
  5. All forest plants contribute in one way or another to maintaining the litter when they shed their leaves or die themselves. The litter consists of their organic remains.
  6. In total, there are not five tiers in the forest zones, as is sometimes believed, but six. The sixth tier is underground, it consists of plant roots.
  7. In Europe, forests account for about 95% of all forest areas in parks and other green spaces. And worldwide, this parameter is about 7%.
  8. The largest forest plants, like old and massive trees, produce up to 70 kg of pure oxygen per year, filtering up to 100,000 cubic meters of air (interesting facts about air).
  9. The most «healing» a tree, and a plant as a whole, is considered a pine. It is not for nothing that sanatoriums are usually located in pine forests – the air in such places is always very clean and healthy.
  10. Among all the plants of forest zones, the oak enjoys the greatest honor in different countries. In many cultures, it is considered a sacred tree.
  11. Some quite familiar forest plants are deadly poisonous. The most dangerous is hemlock.
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