23 interesting facts about Gabon

The small African state of Gabon is by no means in poverty. At least globally — As for ordinary citizens, everything is far from being so rosy. Typical, in general, picture for Africa — poverty and social stratification.

Facts about Gabon

  1. Gabon’s vast oil reserves have made Gabon one of the most stable and wealthy countries in Africa.
  2. The country got its name from the Portuguese name of the river that flows through the lands of Gabon. This word means “hooded coat” because of the characteristic shape of the mouth of the river.
  3. Water bodies occupy less than 4% of the territory of this country.
  4. Almost 80% of the Gabonese land is covered with dense evergreen forests.
  5. Gabon has one of the largest manganese deposits on the planet, with reserves estimated at 225 million tons.
  6. The largest population of gorillas on Earth lives in the local jungle.
  7. Since Gabon ceased to be a French colony in 1960, only 3 presidents have changed in the country.
  8. Almost 85% of Gabon’s inhabitants live in cities – this figure is significantly higher than the average level of urbanization in African countries.
  9. The capital of Gabon, Libreville, was founded by 52 black slaves rescued from a slave ship by the French fleet.
  10. In this country there was a unique nuclear reactor created by nature itself. A spontaneous reaction in the bowels of the earth began about 2 billion years ago and continued for several centuries.
  11. Gabon is comparable in size to New Zealand, but the African country is inhabited by 2.5 times less people.
  12. Gabon exports sand for the beaches of the United Arab Emirates.
  13. Gaboners earn on average about $500 a month.
  14. The first reserve was opened in Gabon in 1946, and to date, protected areas cover 11% of the country’s territory.
  15. The Trans-Gabon Railway is the only railway line that was built in Central Africa after the end of the colonial period.
  16. Residents of the country almost never keep cats at home.
  17. Gaboners enjoy eating the meat of crocodiles, snakes, monkeys and camels.
  18. The most popular alcoholic drink in Gabon palm moonshine is considered.
  19. Inhabitants of Gabon add peanuts, coconut milk and bananas to almost all dishes.
  20. Photo and video shooting are almost universally prohibited in these parts.
  21. The height of adult male pygmies inhabiting the central part of Gabon rarely exceeds 130 cm.
  22. Rich deposits of iron ore have been discovered in Gabon, but there is no steel industry in the country.
  23. This country is not in able to provide its inhabitants with food, Therefore, more than half of the consumed goods are imported from abroad.
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