22 interesting facts about Haiti

The nature of the Caribbean Sea is generous and diverse, but despite this, the island of Haiti, located not far from Cuba, is still still suffers from numerous problems. Occupying half of its territory, the country of the same name is included in the lists of the poorest countries in the world, with an unstable economy and a shattered political system. Since independence, alas, the situation has only continued to worsen, so tourists do not go to Haiti – life here is difficult, and it is not safe for a European to walk the streets.

Facts about Haiti

  1. Haiti has a population of 11.4 million.
  2. About 10% of all Haitians live abroad. Mostly they flee to the United States or to the neighboring Dominican Republic, and the money they send is often the only thing that helps relatives who remain in their homeland to survive.
  3. In America, only in two countries, French is the state language – in fact, here, and back in Canada (interesting facts about Canada).
  4. The Republic of Haiti gained independence more than two centuries ago, in 1804. Before this country, only the United States gained independence in the Americas.
  5. Christopher Columbus, who discovered the island and named it Hispaniola, was delighted with its violent nature. Oh, if only he knew what this once paradise will turn into… (interesting facts about Columbus).
  6. The average salary in Haiti is about 50 times lower than in the US.
  7. More than 80 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.
  8. The indigenous inhabitants of the island were completely exterminated as a result of colonization. Modern Haitians are the descendants of slaves once brought from Africa.
  9. After a successful revolution and gaining independence, almost the entire European population of Haiti was exterminated. Only those who managed to escape in time were saved.
  10. Cockfights are very popular among local residents, as, for example, in the Philippines (interesting facts about the Philippines).
  11. Until the middle of the 20th century, the Haitian government paid compensation to France for its actions during the revolution.
  12. From 1915 to 1939, the territory of the country was occupied by the United States. Moreover, a detachment of 350 marines was enough for the Americans to seize power.
  13. More than half of Haitians suffer from malnutrition.
  14. Near Haiti is the island of Tortuga belonging to this country, widely known in popular culture due to the fact that that it once served as a «home» to numerous pirates of the Caribbean (interesting facts about the Caribbean).
  15. Despite the fact that almost all the inhabitants of Haiti are Christians, the cult of voodoo is widespread in the country.
  16. More than 50% of the inhabitants of the country are not taught elementary literacy.
  17. As a result of the terrible earthquake in Haiti, people died about 2.2% of the population – about 220 thousand people, and these are only approximate figures. Even more people were injured, and the already barely viable economy of the island was dealt a crushing blow.
  18. There are only about 1,000 nurses and about 800 doctors in the country.
  19. The most popular species in Haiti sport is football.
  20. Two-thirds of all Haitians are unemployed. They somehow survive only thanks to humanitarian aid.
  21. The famous Citadel is located here – the largest fortress in the Western Hemisphere that has survived to this day.
  22. Most Haitians are incredibly gambling, and, despite general poverty, lotteries are very popular here. Given the rampant level of corruption in the country, there are some doubts about the honesty of such events.
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