26 interesting facts about hummingbirds

Amazing hummingbirds are remarkable not only for their miniature size or interesting wing structure. They lead a lifestyle unlike that of most other birds, and for this reason alone they are the focus of attention of many ornithologists. Seemingly completely weightless, they easily flutter from flower to flower, moving at the same time with impressive speed.

Interesting facts about hummingbirds

  1. In total, there are more than 350 species of these amazing birds in the world.
  2. They are the smallest birds in the world. Adults of some species of hummingbirds weigh 1.6-2 grams with a body length of about 7 centimeters.
  3. The largest hummingbirds, gigantic, are only called so impressively. They do not exceed 18-20 centimeters in length and weigh up to 20 grams.
  4. The heart of a hummingbird in relation to the body is the largest among all living creatures on Earth. It occupies up to a third of the volume of their tiny bodies.
  5. Mostly hummingbirds are found in the tropics, but some of their species live even in the south of Alaska (interesting facts about Alaska).
  6. Among all birds in the world, only hummingbirds can fly backwards.
  7. In the wild, they live only in South and North America.
  8. The heart of a hummingbird beats at a frantic speed, from 500 beats per minute at rest to 1200 while flying.
  9. Over the course of its life, the heart of this bird contracts 4-4.5 billion times.
  10. Hummingbirds flap their wings at such a speed that it is impossible to follow them with their eyes – up to 100 strokes per minute. At the same time, they buzz like bees or other similar insects.
  11. The average lifespan of a hummingbird is 8-10 years, but the officially registered longevity record is 17 years.
  12. These birds never form couples for a long time, often changing partners.
  13. Giant hummingbirds are found in the mountains, at an altitude of up to 5 kilometers above sea level.
  14. Like bees, hummingbirds pollinate many plant species, while feeding on flower nectar (interesting facts about flowers).
  15. Hummingbirds have a forked tongue, like reptiles.
  16. During the migration season, they cover huge distances, sometimes covering up to 1000 kilometers in 24 hours.
  17. The image of a hummingbird flaunts on the coat of arms of the country of Trinidad and Tobago.
  18. Throughout their lives, these birds eat only during the flight.
  19. If we compare the mass of a hummingbird and the mass of an elephant, it turns out that, taking into account the size of the body, the hummingbird eats about 100 times more food daily (interesting facts about elephants).
  20. They can fly upside down and sideways.
  21. In addition to flower nectar, hummingbirds willingly eat the smallest insects, collecting them from flowers.
  22. During a hummingbird dive for covers a distance 400 times the length of its own body in a second.
  23. They attach their nests to rocks or leaves, using their own saliva as a cementing substance.
  24. The number of many species of hummingbirds has seriously decreased from for hunting them. Many local peoples exterminated them for their beautiful skins.
  25. In ancient times, hummingbirds also lived in Europe. In Germany, the fossilized remains of these birds, which are about 30 million years old, were found.
  26. Some Indian tribes of Central America believed that hummingbirds are the embodiment of the souls of dead warriors.
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