19 interesting facts about Jamaica

Jamaica is idealized by some people who have never been there. No, this is quite an interesting Caribbean country, with excellent beaches and a beautiful sea, but problems such as poverty and unemployment are also at full height here.

Interesting facts about Jamaica

  1. The country of Jamaica entirely occupies the territory of the island of the same name.
  2. During the year, the air temperature here changes only by a few degrees. There is eternal summer here.
  3. Several powerful hurricanes hit Jamaica every year (interesting facts about hurricanes).
  4. It was here that the legendary musician Bob Marley was born, graffiti and posters with which you can see everywhere here.
  5. The morning in all Jamaican schools begins with prayer.
  6. The capital of the country, the city of Kingston — the largest city with an English-speaking population in the entire Caribbean region (interesting facts about the Caribbean). At night, some areas of the city are not safe.
  7. The fastest man on Earth was born in Jamaica — Usain Bolt.
  8. Jamaica became the first tropical nation in the world to compete in the Winter Olympics.
  9. Jamaica had a railroad built before the United States.
  10. By the number of wins in the Summer Olympics. Olympic Games medals Jamaica ranks second in the world. Only the USA managed to overtake this small country.
  11. One of the famous local natural attractions — Blue Mountains. They got their name due to the fact that the fog that almost constantly envelops them gives them a blue tint.
  12. Among all the Caribbean countries, it was Jamaica that gained its first independence.
  13. In the list of countries whose representatives most often received first place in the Miss World beauty contests, Jamaica takes fourth place.
  14. The commercial production of rum in the Caribbean Sea first began here.
  15. Among all the Caribbean islands, Jamaica is the third largest.
  16. In the 17th century, Jamaica became the first English colony in the Caribbean. In fact, the Spaniards colonized the island, but the British conquered it by force.
  17. There are many different commemorative coins of different years of issue, there are really a lot of them. And the local currency is the Jamaican dollar.
  18. There are about seven dozen beaches on the island.
  19. The resort located in Jamaica «Milk River» — the most radioactive in the world.
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