25 interesting facts about Latin America

Sometimes Latin America is confused with South America, although this is not at all the case. The first is a cultural-geographical zone, and the second is a purely geographical one. In all Latin American countries, the Spaniards once fooled around, leaving behind their language, elements of their culture and much more.

Facts about the countries of Latin America

  1. In all countries The criminal situation in the region remains quite tense. The safest Latin American country is the Republic of Chile.
  2. Dueling is still allowed in Paraguay. By law, they must be attended by doctors (facts about Paraguay).
  3. Most direct descendants of Europeans from all Latin American countries live in Argentina and Uruguay, and least of all – in Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Honduras.
  4. In all Latin American countries, Spanish has the status of a state language.
  5. The largest South American country, Brazil, does not belong to Latin America, since it was founded by the Portuguese, not the Spaniards. But Latin Americans are considered to be residents of some island and Central American countries, for example, Nicaragua and Costa Rica (facts about Costa Rica).
  6. The southernmost city in the world, Ushuaia, Argentina, is located in Latin America. It is also called «the city at the end of the world». Beyond that is Antarctica. Amazing place.
  7. The driest of the hot deserts, Atacama, is located in Chile. It rains there every few hundred years.
  8. Most Latin Americans, with the possible exception of Chileans, do not like visitors from the United States.
  9. The most popular sport in all countries of Latin America is football.
  10. All major Latin American cities have areas so dangerous that even the police are afraid to go there.
  11. The center of Lima, the Peruvian capital, is guarded by the military at night. If they are removed, crime will rampant.
  12. In Mexico, a decent part of the country is controlled by criminal cartels, not the government.
  13. It is in Latin America that many of the most dangerous cities in the world are located – Caracas, Ciudad Juarez, Bogota, Tegucigalpa.
  14. Argentina has its own cowboys who herd huge herds in the pampas. They are called gauchos.
  15. They make great wines here. The once carefully bred grape varieties were brought here by the colonizers, and then, after the Latin American countries gained independence, these varieties died in Europe during a harsh winter, while they survived in Argentina and Chile. Now the former colonies have a monopoly on them.
  16. Bolivia has the world’s largest salt lake, the Salar de Uyuni (lake facts).
  17. The only Latin American country that does not have an army all – Costa Rica.
  18. The poorest countries in this region are Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela and Honduras.
  19. The highest mountain capital in the world is the Bolivian city of La Paz.
  20. The literacy rate in Latin America is low in places, and it is at its minimum reaches Peru.
  21. A fair share of Panama’s budget comes from the payment for the use of the canal through the Isthmus of Panama, through which thousands of ships pass.
  22. Latin America has the wettest city in the world. This is Buenaventura, Colombia.
  23. In Ecuador, the law allows «local laws and customs» regarding criminals. Therefore, in this country, which is generally unsafe, it is very calm in the countryside – everyone knows about the possible consequences.
  24. 9 out of 10 Latin Americans are Catholics.
  25. Once the Chileans and Argentines gathered to fight, but the Pope flew in and appealed to the soldiers with a request to prevent bloodshed. The soldiers obeyed him, and not their generals, and did not fight. No battle took place.
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