16 interesting facts about mandarin ducks

The world of birds is very diverse, but the mandarin duck is often called the most beautiful bird on earth. Bright plumage, caring behavior of representatives of this species about their partners, reverent care for offspring – all this attracted the attention of not only researchers, but also the public to tangerines. By the way, these birds are painted in really very bright colors, and their plumage is very harmonious – nature did its best, and they look very, very cute.

Interesting facts about mandarin ducks

  1. The mandarin drake differs from any other male of the duck family in the colorful splendor of its plumage. At the same time, females are gray and not so bright.
  2. Also, mandarin drakes have a completely different voice, they do not quack, but squeak or even whistle subtly.
  3. Only males have a crest on their heads. It is absent in females.
  4. In China they live throughout the mountainous Sikhote-Alin system. A small population is found in some areas in eastern North America.
  5. From the point of view of biology, the mandarin duck belongs to ducks (interesting facts about ducks).
  6. Mandarin ducks are the only tree-living members of the family in the world duck.
  7. The mating season for mandarins is characterized by strong male competition. Two or even three of them fight fierce battles, winning their right to a female.
  8. Mandarin duck in ancient times was an ornamental bird in various eastern states. It has adorned the gardens and parks of Japan and Korea for many centuries.
  9. Its name «tangerine» this bird received due to the unusually bright color of the plumage. In China, nobles were called tangerines, always brightly and magnificently dressed, hence the name (interesting facts about China).
  10. In the wild, tangerines live for 10 years, but in captivity they can live up to 25.
  11. The weight of an adult mandarin duck usually does not exceed 1 kilogram.
  12. Like other ducks, they feed on frogs and other amphibians. At the same time, tangerines willingly include oak acorns in their menu.
  13. At home, the female tangerine often does not want to sit on eggs for a whole month, and they have to be placed under a more assiduous hen, or artificially hatched.
  14. Unlike many other birds, both parents take an active part in raising their offspring.
  15. Ducks shed their feathers twice a year. In June, the males form a flock, take cover in the thickets and molt begins. They lose their bright plumage and acquire the color of ordinary ducks. Because of this, they sometimes become an accidental prey of hunters.
  16. In total, today the population of mandarin ducks is estimated at about 25 thousand individuals.
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