17 interesting facts about Micronesia

Micronesia — it is not only a Pacific region with a bunch of islands and islets, it is also a state. More precisely, the state is called the Federated States of Micronesia. This is the land of trails unexplored by mass tourists — Europeans rarely get here because of the inaccessibility of these paradise islands.

Interesting facts about Micronesia

  1. This country has all the prerequisites for the development of tourism, but one single problem complicates everything: it takes a long time, and therefore it is very expensive to fly from almost anywhere.
  2. Only about 40 of the 607 islands of Micronesia have dimensions that can be described as «livable». All the rest are too small.
  3. Micronesia includes both coral atolls and islands of volcanic origin. The latter are covered with dense forests, and in the center there are usually more or less high mountains.
  4. The total land area of ​​all the islands does not exceed 702 square kilometers.
  5. The official language of Micronesia is English, but dialects of local peoples are much more common here — Kosrae, Pohnpei, Truk and Yap.
  6. Micronesia does not actively trade with other countries due to its remoteness from them.
  7. Micronesia’s budget largely depends on financial support from the United States.
  8. Throughout the year, the temperature on the Micronesian islands practically does not change.
  9. On average, this country is hit by about 25 hurricanes every year.
  10. Once, the Fiji national football team beat the Micronesian team with a record score of 38: 0 (interesting facts about Fiji).
  11. The official Micronesian currency is the US dollar — you don’t have your own money here.
  12. Of the more than six hundred islands, only 65 are permanently inhabited.
  13. One of the unique sights of Micronesia — huge stones with a hole in the center, which were once used here as money.
  14. Micronesia is administratively divided into four states — it is them that the four stars depicted on the flag of this country symbolize.
  15. The level of criminal danger in Micronesia tends to zero. It’s no more dangerous here than, say, in Luxembourg or Andorra (interesting facts about Andorra).
  16. There is a tradition here to take a new name every year. The purpose of this event is simple — confuse evil spirits.
  17. Dangerous representatives of the fauna are almost non-existent in Micronesia.
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