17 interesting facts about Milan

The ancient city of Milan is older than many other settlements on Earth. Its very historical name is translated from Latin as «located in the center of the plain». It is difficult to establish the exact age of Milan due to the prescription of years, but he is no less than 2500 years old. And now, in our days, it is rightfully considered the capital of the global fashion industry. There are countless shops here!

Facts about the city of Milan

  1. The length of the Milan metro lines has long exceeded a hundred kilometers. New stations and lines continue to be built.
  2. Here is one of the oldest and largest spectator-capacity racing tracks in the world, Monza. Up to 135,000 spectators can watch the races at the same time.
  3. Every April, a marathon is held in Milan, in which everyone is allowed to participate. It usually attracts about 10,000 participants annually.
  4. The Ambrosian Library in Milan is one of the oldest in the world. It was opened four centuries ago (interesting facts about the libraries of the world).
  5. When a terrible plague epidemic devastated Europe in the 14th century, Milan was lucky – the infection did not reach it.
  6. All official Milanese Taxi is white. Note to tourists.
  7. Coffee is very popular here, but the people of Milan never drink it in a strong form.
  8. What distinguishes Milan from the inhabitants of most other regions of sunny Italy is that being late somewhere is not welcome here.
  9. It was here that the tradition of serving aperitifs before the main meal – light snacks and drinks – appeared.
  10. The country’s first skyscraper was built in Milan. Although the city still largely retains its historical appearance.
  11. The Milan Conservatory named after Giuseppe Verdi is interesting because Verdi himself, the great composer, did not study there. He tried to enter it, but could not – the examiners considered that he had no talent. And later the conservatory was renamed in his honor.
  12. Milan Cathedral was built for about 600 years. Like the Cologne Cathedral in Germany (interesting facts about the Cologne Cathedral).
  13. The famous scientist, artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci lived in Milan for some time.
  14. After the split of the Roman Empire on Western and Eastern, it was Milan that became the capital of the first of them.
  15. Among all cities in Italy, Milan, with a population of more than 1.3 million people, is the second largest in terms of population.
  16. Due to the reputation of the capital of world fashion, a lot of not poor tourists come here for shopping, therefore Milan is the most expensive city in Italy in terms of average prices.
  17. The most extensive tram network in Europe operates here.
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