20 interesting facts about Minsk

The Belarusian capital, the city of Minsk, is like a Phoenix bird, reborn time after time. This city was repeatedly destroyed, and during the World War 2 it was seriously damaged, but then it was rebuilt once again. Interestingly, even now, in the 21st century, Minsk largely retains the charm of Soviet times, and many citizens of the former USSR evoke nostalgia for it.

Facts about the city of Minsk

  1. Its calls home about 2 million people. Thus, one and a half times more people live here than in the whole of Estonia.
  2. During the construction of the National Library in Minsk, which, by the way, many citizens consider a building that spoils the image of the city, the government did not have enough money to complete the project, so a special tax was even introduced for a while.
  3. Minsk Square is approximately 175 times the area of ​​the Principality of Monaco, and this city continues to grow (interesting facts about Monaco).
  4. Most likely, the name of the city comes from the river Menka (Me), which was a tributary of the Nemiga.
  5. Minsk is older than Moscow – it was founded in 1067, almost a thousand years ago
  6. The title «hero city» Minsk received it in 1974.
  7. In Minsk, on the Island of Tears, a monument was opened to «To the Sons of the Fatherland who died outside». An element of the memorial complex is the figure of an angel. Local residents call this sculpture «Weeping Angel».
  8. More than 20% of the total population of Belarus lives in Minsk.
  9. Temperature records in the Belarusian capital are plus 35.8 and minus 39.1 degrees, respectively.
  10. This is where the headquarters of the CIS is located.
  11. Minsk Botanical Garden in terms of area, it ranks 3rd in Europe after the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in London and the park in Madrid. The area of ​​the Botanical Garden is 96 hectares (interesting facts about Madrid).
  12. The oldest fountain in Minsk was opened in 1874, as a sign of the opening of a water pipe with artesian water. This composition has survived to our time.
  13. Jubilee Square in Minsk was named not in honor of the anniversary of the October Revolution, the Great Patriotic War and dates related to the communist past, but in honor of the anniversary of the Council of Nicaea, which was celebrated on a grand scale by all the Catholics of the world in 1825. The square got its name in 1826.
  14. The city of Minsk is located near the geographical center of Belarus.
  15. On average, Minsk has 67 foggy days a year, which is more than in London, in of which there are about 45 annually (interesting facts about London).
  16. During the entire existence of Minsk, it burned to the ground 18 times.
  17. A working Foucault pendulum was installed at the University named after M. Tank in Minsk. There are only about 20 of them all over the world.
  18. In terms of population, Minsk ranks 10th in Europe and 4th among the post-Soviet countries.
  19. The trains made in Russia run in the Minsk metro, in the city of Mytishchi.
  20. The Belarusian capital has as many as 24 sister cities in different countries
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