21 interesting facts about Morocco

Morocco, located in northern Africa — the birthplace of mandarins. And besides fruits, here you can still find preserved and flourishing examples of ancient culture, which are so different from everything familiar to us that it is simply breathtaking. If you go here to rest — it is necessary, perhaps, to plan a vacation on your own, and not buy ready-made tours.

Facts about Morocco

  1. People settled what is now Morocco during the early Paleolithic period.
  2. In the 17th and 19th centuries, Morocco was a country of pirates, as many the cities were actually led by sea robbers.
  3. Despite the dominance of pirates, Morocco continued to maintain international relations and engage in diplomacy – in particular, this state was the first to recognize US independence in the 18th century (interesting facts about pirates).
  4. The literacy rate among Moroccan men is 60%, while among women it is only 40%.
  5. Foreign currencies are prohibited in Morocco.
  6. Different regions of this country have their own unusual holidays that locals celebrate year after year, such as almond blossom days, wax candles, desert symphony, popular art, camels, dates, honey and roses.
  7. Relations between Morocco and the EU are spoiled by the cultivation of hemp in the country, which then enters mainly the European market.
  8. This state has a developed network of highways, the quality of which is considered one of the best in Africa.
  9. Djellaba – traditional Moroccan clothing worn by both men and women. This is a long and spacious robe with a hood and puffed sleeves.
  10. Couscous and tagine are considered the most popular dishes of Moroccan cuisine. Couscous is so important to the people of the state that in central Morocco it is simply called “food”.
  11. Morocco is the only major country in the Arab world that has never been part of the Ottoman Empire (interesting facts about the Ottoman Empire).
  12. The inhabitants of this country almost never eat rice as a side dish – puddings are made from rice groats, in addition, fillings for poultry or pies are made from it.
  13. Along with lamb and chicken, pigeon meat is one of the most popular types of meat in Morocco.
  14. Moroccans love to eat pickled lemons, which they add to salads and stews.
  15. Snow falls every year in the north of Morocco and in the foothills.
  16. In the coming years, Morocco plans to install the largest in the Sahara desert in world solar power plant, which will satisfy up to half of the kingdom’s electricity needs. Already now, the first part of the installation of 12 huge mirrors is clearly visible from space (interesting facts about space).
  17. According to the calendar of the Berbers (one of the ethnic groups inhabiting Morocco), now the year is 2968 on Earth.
  18. Europe and African Morocco are separated by only 14 kilometers of the Strait of Gibraltar.
  19. Morocco is home to the oldest university on the planet, which began accepting students as early as 859.
  20. Argan oil, widely used in cosmetology and the beauty industry, they are produced only in Morocco.
  21. One of the Moroccan sultans is considered the world record holder for the number of children – the concubines from his harem gave birth to 888 babies, 700 of which were boys.
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