15 interesting facts about mountains

Most people feel tiny when looking at mountains. Ancient stone giants are unimaginably huge, and when traveling in such places, you feel it literally with your whole skin. Stone giants that have passed through many eras are really confusing.

Interesting facts about mountains

  1. The highest mountainous countries in the world — Bolivia and Nepal. The pressure in some cities there is so low that the unaccustomed tourists constantly have a headache.
  2. In total, there are 14 mountains in the world with a height of more than 8 kilometers, and more than a hundred with a height of more than 7.2 kilometers.
  3. The highest mountain in the solar system — volcano Olympus, located on Mars (interesting facts about Mars).
  4. Officially, a mountain is considered such if it has at least half a kilometer from the foot to the top.
  5. Many inhabited islands are peaks inhabited by people seamounts or extinct volcanoes.
  6. The height of the highest peak, Everest, is impressive — almost 9 kilometers. But the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Kea from foot to top is even bigger — over 10 kilometers. True, Mauna Kea rises above sea level by only 4 kilometers. Although who will say that this is not enough?
  7. One hundred of the highest mountains of the Earth, erected on top of each other, would turn into a peak almost 755 kilometers high.
  8. Only a little more than forty climbers conquered all The 14 highest peaks in the world.
  9. The once great Everest was at the bottom of the ancient Tethys Ocean. A lot of marine fossils have been found on it (interesting facts about Everest).
  10. In the mountains, you can sometimes observe amazing, still clouds of a strange shape. The reason for this — the coincidence of many air currents.
  11. In the Asian country of Bhutan, there is Mount Ganghar Puensum, on the top of which no person has yet visited.
  12. The most voluminous mountain in the world — the volcano Mauna Loa with a volume of more than 75 thousand cubic kilometers.
  13. A mountain that has been climbed by more climbers than any other — the American summit of Monadnock is slightly less than a kilometer high.
  14. Chilean mountain Ojos del Salado — the highest (just under 7 kilometers) mountain in the world, if you count from the foot to the top. It is also an active volcano (interesting facts about volcanoes).
  15. Himalayan mountain Annapurna — real killer. More than 20% of all climbers who tried to conquer it never came back.
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