18 interesting facts about pikes

No wonder all fishermen consider pike an enviable prey. These fish are distinguished not only by their excellent reaction, but also by their intelligence – they learn very well from their own experience. And since they live for a long time, it is really not easy to catch an old and smart pike.

Interesting facts about pikes

  1. These fish are found only on two continents – in Eurasia and Northern America.
  2. There are seven species of pike in the world.
  3. They hunt mainly for fish, but on occasion they can also devour the chick of a waterfowl, for example, a little duckling (interesting facts about birds).
  4. Pike grow throughout their lives, and can reach a length of 2 meters.
  5. In addition to fish, they willingly include frogs, tadpoles, small lizards and rodents that dare to swim across the reservoir in their menu.
  6. Pike meat contains only a few percent fat, and therefore is considered dietary.
  7. In the first year of life, this fish grows up to 60-70 cm in length, after which the growth rate slows down, and it begins to add 2-3 centimeters annually.
  8. Pike teeth are replaced with new ones as they are lost or wear and tear throughout their lives.
  9. They also have cannibalism – adult pikes can easily eat their own relatives, inferior to them in size.
  10. For one spawning in a female pike, depending on the species accessories can lay up to 250 thousand eggs.
  11. These fish live only in fresh water, but sometimes they are also found in desalinated rivers of coastal marine areas.
  12. They attack any prey that they can overcome. So, there have been cases of hardened old pikes attacking adult ducks and muskrats.
  13. The weight of an old pike can reach 33-35 kg, but this is rare – they rarely live to such a solid size.
  14. They live only in cold water.
  15. The pike prefers to hunt from ambush. It usually freezes motionless in thickets of vegetation in shallow water, from where it rushes at its prey with a sudden jerk.
  16. These fish are easily able to cope with prey half the size of themselves.
  17. The pike appears in folk tales and legends of all countries in which it is found.
  18. Depending on the region of catch, fresh pike caviar can be poisonous to some extent. However, if it is salted, then it can be safely eaten.
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