16 interesting facts about Sardinia

The picturesque island of Sardinia belonging to Italy is an interesting, beautiful and amazing place. Incredible nature, local flavor and rich cultural and historical heritage attract many tourists here. There are beautiful beaches, cozy Italian villages, and much more, not to mention the special cuisine that will surely interest any gourmet. Sardinia is a great place to visit when you are on a tour of Italy.

Facts about Sardinia

  1. This island has a rather whimsical landscape. There are 4 large rivers and mountains up to 1834 meters high.
  2. Ancient people lived in Sardinia in the Neolithic times, many thousands of years ago.
  3. Previously, Sardinia belonged to Byzantium, Spain for centuries and Austria, until it finally became part of Italy.
  4. Among all the islands of the Mediterranean Sea, Sardinia is the second largest, second only to Sicily (interesting facts about the Mediterranean Sea).
  5. This the island is poor. It accounts for 2.2% of Italy’s GDP.
  6. The area of ​​Sardinia is larger than the area of ​​all of Israel.
  7. In some Sardinian cities, the role of popular public transport has gone to trams, which the locals proudly call «light metro».
  8. Sea off the coast of Sardinia is more transparent than anywhere else in Italy.
  9. Here are the largest and cleanest city beaches in Europe, if you count only those that are within the city limits.
  10. The richness of the history of Sardinia is also evidenced by the fact that more than 3,000 ancient fortresses are located here. Almost all of them, of course, have long since turned into ruins.
  11. The Sardinian Emerald Coast is considered the most expensive and prestigious of all European resorts.
  12. 25% of all Italian beaches are located in Sardinia.
  13. Of all the Italian regions, this island is the cleanest in terms of ecology.
  14. It is in Sardinia that they traditionally prepare the most, perhaps, the most terrible of all types of cheese – casu marzu. At one time, it was even banned for sale by law, because it contains a large number of live larvae of the cheese fly, and it is simply dangerous to eat it (interesting facts about cheese).
  15. Sardinian, along with Italian, is ubiquitous on the island. But everyone will understand Italian. But Sardinians hardly speak English outside the tourist areas.
  16. One of the local attractions is a small hotel with 6 rooms, located right in the old lighthouse.
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