10 interesting facts about Southern Europe

It is in Southern Europe that many of the most popular resorts are located. The mild Mediterranean climate, insanely beautiful nature, the general well-being of most countries in this region have made Southern Europe an extremely popular tourist destination. And really, why fly to the ends of the world for the warm sea and swaying palm trees, if all this is much closer?

Facts about Southern Europe

  1. It is the southern European territories that include the smallest states of the world – the Vatican, Monaco, Andorra and San Marino.
  2. A fair share of the population of Southern Europe are Slavs, which include, for example, Serbs.
  3. Southern Europe also includes two completely island states – Malta and the Republic of Cyprus (interesting facts about Cyprus).
  4. Southern Europe also includes a quasi-state formation called the Order of Malta. True, today he owns only a residence on the island of Malta and an ancient palace in Rome.
  5. Part of Turkey also belongs to Southern Europe, although most of this country lies in Asia. But its capital, Ankara, is considered a European city.
  6. Most of the southern European states are experiencing the so-called «aging of the nation» – the average age of the population is growing, and its number is growing at a negligible rate, or even decreasing altogether.
  7. In total, 17 countries are located in Southern Europe, and 2 more are partially located. These are Turkey and France.
  8. Most of the local states build their economies on the basis of tourism and agriculture.
  9. Many South European rivers become very shallow during the summer, or even completely dry up.
  10. Southern Europe is almost entirely in the zone of hard-leaved evergreen forests and shrubs, which is preserved only on the Mediterranean coast.
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