20 interesting facts about Spain

The sunny Kingdom of Spain attracts an insane amount of tourists every year. Colorful festivals, warm sea, amazing nature, majestic cathedrals and monuments that have survived to this day from the era of the Great Geographical Discoveries — all this makes this country so famous, in demand and dearly loved by millions of people who do not even live there.

Interesting facts about Spain

  1. The first civilization in the future Spanish lands arose in end of the third millennium BC The locals traded metal with the Phoenicians, but soon the mines were depleted and the culture declined.
  2. Most of Spain is located 700 meters above sea level. Among European countries, only Switzerland surpasses it in height. The Spanish capital Madrid, located exactly in the center of the state, is considered the “highest” of the political centers of Europe.
  3. Spanish Almaden from ancient times served as an important world center for the extraction of mercury, without losing its importance in the modern world. The local industrial infrastructure, built up over several centuries, is listed as a World Heritage Site.
  4. The Day of the Spanish Nation is celebrated every year on October 12 – on this day in 1492 Columbus discovered America (at least that is the generally accepted official date).
  5. The most popular musical instrument in Spain is the guitar.
  6. In Spain, as in Argentina, marriages between people of the same sex are legalized (interesting facts about Argentina).
  7. Seville Cathedral is one of the largest temples in the world in terms of area and the largest Gothic cathedral in Europe.
  8. In the Spanish province of Malaga there is a chapel of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, which is recognized as the smallest temple on the planet. Colomares Castle, of which this chapel is a part, was erected in honor of Christopher Columbus and is recognized as the largest monument in the world dedicated to this navigator (interesting facts about Columbus).
  9. The first street lamps in any European cities appeared in Cordoba in the 10th century. Then the city was the capital of the Muslim empire.
  10. Spanish Cadiz is one of the oldest cities in Europe. A Phoenician settlement existed on this site as early as 1110 BC
  11. Spain ranks third in the world in terms of wine production. According to this indicator, the Spaniards are surpassed only by the French and Italians.
  12. In Spain, it is not customary to have breakfast at home. Perhaps that is why the state is the European leader in the number of cafes, eateries and restaurants – there are more than 350 thousand of them in Spain.
  13. Spain is the only European country where bananas grow.
  14. One of the amazing Spanish holidays is Tomatina, or the battle of tomatoes. The festival lasts a whole week and is held in the last week of August in the city of Bunol.
  15. In Spain, it is customary to decorate the bride’s hair with orange flowers.
  16. There is not a single word in the Spanish national anthem, only music.
  17. The name of the Canary Islands comes from the word canis, which means “dog” in Latin. The Romans decided to name the archipelago after this animal, as it was worshiped by local natives.
  18. Two cities located on the African coast are officially part of Spain. You can sail to them from Europe by ferry.
  19. The Basque language, which inhabits the north of Spain, is considered unique. There is also no related dialect in the whole world.
  20. Scientists have found particles of drugs in the air of Barcelona and Madrid. True, these substances are so few that they can hardly affect the mood of the inhabitants of these cities.
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