14 interesting facts about the Bahamas

Some people claim that the Bahamas — heaven on earth. Some other people will readily agree with them, especially those who have had a chance to visit here personally. White sandy beaches, blue sea, fresh fruits, sun, warmth all year round — what else is needed for happiness?

Interesting facts about the Bahamas

  1. The first people in the Bahamas appeared only about a thousand years ago, when South American Indians arrived here.
  2. During the 16th century, the Bahamas were again a deserted place, as the Spanish conquistadors enslaved the local population and took them to Haiti, and soon left the islands themselves.
  3. This country began to grow rich since 1920, when in Prohibition was passed in the United States, and instead of Florida, American tourists began to go on vacation here, to the islands, where alcohol was relatively easily available.
  4. The Bahamas gained independence in 1973, but nominally the head of the country is still remains the reigning English monarch.
  5. About half of the country’s inhabitants still do not use the Internet.
  6. The population of the Bahamas is approximately 400 thousand people.
  7. Included in the country includes about seven hundred islands, but only three dozen of them are inhabited.
  8. The land area of ​​all the Bahamas combined is approximately equal to the area of ​​Jamaica (interesting facts about Jamaica).
  9. Local currency, the Bahamian dollar is firmly pegged to the US dollar at a one-to-one ratio.
  10. About 80% of the country’s population lives in the capital city of Nassau.
  11. On the island of Great Inagua, which is part of the archipelago, home to the world’s largest population of pink flamingos — about 50 thousand individuals.
  12. The Bahamas are among the top 5 lowest countries located above sea level, not far behind the Maldives in this regard (interesting facts about the Maldives).
  13. About 90% of Bahamians — Christians, but there are also followers of the mind, and spiritualists.
  14. Only fifty kilometers of water separate the Bahamas from the United States.
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