29 interesting facts about the brown bear

It is the brown bear that is called the owner of the forest – this is a well-known fact. This animal has a very interesting character and developed intelligence, but for obvious reasons, in some cases it can be dangerous. A bear awakened during hibernation is completely terrible in its uncontrollable anger, and many hunters who inadvertently disturbed his sleep have severely paid for their mistake.

Interesting facts about the brown bear

  1. In Old Slavonic, its name meant «one who knows honey». The owners of the forest really like honey.
  2. Despite the fact that the brown bear is often considered a predator, this is not entirely true. Three-quarters of its diet comes from plant foods.
  3. Brown bears mark their possessions by stripping the bark from the bottom of trees.
  4. Once upon a time, the brown bear had a common ancestor with the polar bear, but their evolutionary paths separated millions of years ago (interesting facts about polar bears).
  5. A particularly large instance of a brown bear can carry up to 550-600 kg with a body length of over 2.5 meters.
  6. At short distances, a brown bear, despite its apparent clubfoot, can easily reach a speed of 60 km/h. You can’t run away from it.
  7. These animals are great at climbing trees, but adult bears do not do this, as they are too heavy and the branches cannot withstand them.
  8. A newborn bear cub weighs on average only about 400-500 grams, much less than a human baby.
  9. The brown bear was called the clubfoot because of the peculiarities of its walking. He first walks with two left paws, and then with two right ones, that is, he walks amble.
  10. The length of bear claws can reach 10-12 centimeters.
  11. Before hibernation, brown bears gain about 200 kg fat reserves.
  12. A brown bear usually uses the same den throughout its life.
  13. Bear milk has three times the calories of cow milk.
  14. A brown bear can swim across rivers and bays up to 5-7 kilometers wide.
  15. Following the trail of prey, he is able to tirelessly pursue it for tens of kilometers.
  16. Brown bears grow up to 10-11 years. At the same time, they live an average of 25-30 years, but in captivity they usually live twice as long.
  17. They go uphill much faster than they go down it, because their hind legs are longer than their front legs.
  18. On average, brown bear hibernation lasts from 80 to 180 days, depending on which it lives in the climate.
  19. In the event of a lack of habitual food, a brown bear can even become a scavenger for a while.
  20. In the wild, bears sometimes conflict with Ussuri or Amur tigers. In such a fight, you can never guess the winner in advance (interesting facts about the Amur tigers).
  21. The brown bear is very smart. Cases have been recorded when these animals deliberately threw stones and branches into hunting traps in order to neutralize them.
  22. In May, during the mating season, brown bears are very dangerous. Fighting for a female, males often even kill each other.
  23. Brown bears are found even in hot countries, such as Syria.
  24. Old bears often become toothless, as their teeth are worn out from grinding hard plant foods.
  25. The brown bear has an excellent memory. He always remembers places with mushrooms and berries, and bypasses them as they mature.
  26. Individual hunting grounds of an adult brown bear can reach an area of ​​400 square kilometers.
  27. About 30% of all brown bears world lives in North America (interesting facts about North America).
  28. Depending on the habitat, the color of the fur of these animals can vary from light brown to almost black.
  29. During hibernation, the heart the brown bear makes only 8-9 beats per minute.
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