9 interesting facts about the Comoros

The poor African country of Comoros, located on the Comoros of the same name and sandwiched between the African continent and Madagascar, does not represent nothing remarkable, at least for the mass tourist. Of course, here, as elsewhere, there are really interesting natural attractions, but getting to them will not be easy.

Interesting facts about the Comoros

  1. Comoros — one of the poorest countries in the world. Even most of the tiny island nations of the Pacific Ocean like Niue or Tonga are much richer (interesting facts about Tonga).
  2. More than half of all residents of the Comoros live below the poverty line.
  3. Despite the fact that 8 out of 10 of all working citizens of the Comoros are employed in agriculture, the country still cannot feed itself, so the bulk of imports are products. Especially rice, because it’s quite cheap.
  4. The official languages, French and Arabic, are almost never spoken here. In Comoros, the Comorian language, which is a mixture of Swahili and Arabic, is spoken.
  5. With a population approaching a million people, only about 500 officers serve in the police in Comoros.
  6. One of the amazing places to visit in the Comoros — lake Sal located in the mouth of an extinct volcano (interesting facts about lakes).
  7. The local currency, the Comorian franc, is very unusual because of its bright colors. Comoros banknotes are considered one of the most beautiful in the world.
  8. In Comoros, I do not accept bank cards for payment anywhere. By the way, there are no ATMs here either.
  9. One of the constantly rampant diseases here — malaria. Without a vaccination certificate from her, a tourist will not even be allowed into the country.
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