20 interesting facts about the Dead Sea

An amazing natural health resort, the Dead Sea is a truly unique place, which simply has no analogues on Earth. It really is as easy to swim as they say, because due to the extreme salinity, the water in it is very dense, and it is difficult to dive in it. True, after swimming in the Dead Sea, it is highly desirable to immediately take a shower so that the salt settling on the skin does not corrode the skin, but these are already details. In general, if you have a chance to visit its shores and swim in its waters, do not miss it.

Interesting facts about the Dead Sea

  1. The Dead Sea is 9.6 times saltier than the oceans on average.
  2. At 420 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on land.
  3. Due to the high salt levels, plants, fish and other large organisms cannot grow or inhabit the Dead Sea, hence the word «dead». However, smaller organisms such as bacteria have been found in craters at the bottom of the lake (interesting facts about bacteria).
  4. The Dead Sea is 377 m deep and 18 km wide (at its widest point). The water in it is so salty that crystals form in it.
  5. The waters of the Dead Sea are really easy to swim in – the denser water itself seems to help inexperienced swimmers stay on the surface.
  6. Every year, the water level in the Dead Sea falls by about a meter.
  7. Today, the Dead Sea consists of two separate basins. They are separated from each other by an artificially created isthmus.
  8. An unusual feature of the Dead Sea is that natural asphalt is formed here in the form of small pieces of a black substance. During the excavations, many figurines and other objects were found, up to Neolithic human skulls, covered with this black bitumen. During Egyptian mummification, bitumen from the Dead Sea was also used.
  9. From the point of view of scientists, the Dead Sea is not a sea at all, but a huge drainless lake (interesting facts about lakes).
  10. Daily in The Dead Sea receives about seven million cubic meters of fresh water from rivers. It doesn’t get any less salty, though.
  11. There are many reasons why the Dead Sea has become a center of healing. For example, the absence of allergens in the water, a rich mineral composition, minimal ultraviolet radiation, a high level of atmospheric pressure at depth. All this has a beneficial effect on the body.
  12. The Dead Sea, surrounded by an arid and desert landscape, has almost 330 sunny days a year with low humidity and little rainfall. The temperature during the year is kept within 16-38°С.
  13. Despite the fact that in the Dead Sea you can easily stay afloat, you can still drown in it. In fact, the Dead Sea is considered the second deadliest place to swim in Israel (interesting facts about Israel).
  14. The lowest section of the Dead Sea is located at a depth of 701.4 m (2300 ft), making it the deepest salt lake on Earth.
  15. The 90-kilometer highway, the lowest road in the world (393 m below sea level), is located in Israel, on the western shore of the Dead Sea.
  16. The Dead Sea formed over millions of years.
  17. The ancient Greeks called it the Asphalt Sea. No wonder, since «asphalt» in ancient Greek it is simply «resin».
  18. Weak earthquakes occur every year at the bottom of the Dead Sea. However, for the most part they are so weak that people do not notice them, and tremors are noted only by seismic instruments.
  19. Several rivers flow into the Dead Sea (the largest is the Jordan), but not a single one flows out.
  20. Dead Sea salt is a popular ingredient in many lotions and creams.
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