13 interesting facts about the German Shepherd

Among all dog breeds, the German Shepherd stands out due to its popularity and prevalence. These smart animals are in demand among various government services, such as the police, and among ordinary lovers of four-legged friends. Smart, courageous and loyal, they have long become one of the most recognizable breeds in the world, and you can find them almost anywhere in the world.

Interesting facts about the German Shepherd

  1. This breed was bred artificially at the end of the 19th century in Germany.
  2. The weight of an adult German Shepherd can reach 40 kg.
  3. Among all dog breeds, it is the German Shepherd that is most often used as a service dog.
  4. The original purpose of the German Shepherd, for which it was bred, was protection herds of cattle.
  5. In both world wars, German Shepherds were used as ambulance dogs, bringing bags of medicine and helping to carry wounded soldiers from the battlefield.
  6. After the Second World War, attempts were made to rename them to «Alsatian Shepherds», but the new name did not take root, and was soon forgotten.
  7. Scientists have established that German Shepherds are in the top 3 most smartest dog breeds in the world.
  8. Unlike most other dog breeds, they are easier to change owners. This is partly why they are used by the police.
  9. The pressure force of the jaws of a German shepherd exceeds 100 kg.
  10. German Shepherds have often become the main characters of films and TV series. For example, «Commissioner Rex», «Return of Mukhtar» and others.
  11. Since these dogs are very energetic, they require daily walks, and quite long ones.
  12. In addition to the common color, there are also white German shepherds, but in the USA, for example, they are not recognized as purebred.
  13. Often, these dogs are used as guide dogs accompanying the blind.
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