15 interesting facts about the red wolf

One of the most interesting predators of our planet is the red wolf. This animal occupies an important place in the culture of some indigenous peoples of the regions where it lives. Outwardly very similar to foxes, red wolves in our time have survived mainly in remote mountainous areas. They were forced out there by people, next to whom these animals cannot coexist, and that is why they have to reduce their habitat. It is simply a matter of survival, as humans pose a serious threat to them.

Interesting facts about the red wolf

  1. This animal does not burrow, unlike other wolves.
  2. This predator is listed in the International Red Book, as every year their population is greatly reduced.
  3. Red wolves live and hunt in packs of 6-13 individuals. Such a flock is extremely dangerous, it can drive even a large deer in a couple of minutes (interesting facts about deer).
  4. The red wolf does not have 42 teeth, like other species of this animal, but 40.
  5. Females of the red wolf have 6-7 nipples, sometimes.
  6. These predators start a family when they reach the age of two.
  7. The male red wolf is a caring parent; he, along with the female, takes an active part in raising offspring.
  8. Red wolves never attack a person, on the contrary, they try to bypass him and his dwelling.
  9. These animals almost always easily bypass all the traps and traps set by poachers.
  10. If a puma or a leopard is attacked by a pack of red wolves, the big cat will flee by climbing the nearest tree, since its opponents do not know how to climb trees.
  11. There are 10 subspecies of the red wolf in the world. Most of them live in areas of India. (interesting facts about wild animals).
  12. While hunting, they make whistling, clacking sounds, as well as a sound similar to howling. Thus, they try to scare the prey and give signs to their fellow tribesmen.
  13. In the wild, the life expectancy of the red wolf is about 5 years. In captivity, he lives on average three times longer – up to 15 years.
  14. Sometimes even the Ussuri tiger cannot withstand the onslaught of a large flock.
  15. Red wolves have a very keen sense of smell and excellent hearing. They are able to hear their prey, being hundreds of meters away from it.
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