15 interesting facts about the Sargasso Sea

Such an amazing natural phenomenon as the Sargasso Sea has been the focus of scientists’ attention for several centuries. And even though it has long been known how and why it was formed, this does not make it any less amazing. The only pity is that only professional sailors can admire it, and then occasionally – navigation is unsafe there.

Interesting facts about the Sargasso Sea

  1. There is almost never a wind over its waters. The reason for this is simple – there is a zone of high atmospheric pressure. In the era of sailing ships, the calm was deadly for ships far from the coast. That is why the Sargasso Sea for many centuries enjoyed a very bad reputation, it was even called «eater of ships».
  2. The area of the Sargasso Sea is about 8 times the area of France (interesting facts about France). However, this is approximately – depending on the currents, the sea area changes by plus or minus 15%.
  3. This is the only sea on Earth that has no shores.
  4. The water temperature in the Sargasso Sea never does not fall below +18 degrees.
  5. Its entire body of water slowly rotates clockwise. Of course, along with algae and other inhabitants.
  6. The first European to observe this amazing place was the famous navigator Christopher Columbus (interesting facts about Columbus).
  7. At different times of the year, algae in Sargasso the sea is sometimes larger, sometimes smaller, and their total mass ranges from about 5 to 11 million tons.
  8. Sea currents bring here a lot of garbage from different parts of the ocean, and today a real garbage island has formed here. It resembles a restless spot on the surface of the water.
  9. The water level in the Sargasso Sea is higher than in the surrounding ocean waters by a meter and a half. The reason for this phenomenon is understandable: ocean currents are actively bringing water here.
  10. Eels living near the coasts of Europe and the USA come in whole flocks to lay eggs here, despite the fact that they spend about three years on such a journey, and far not everyone makes it to their destination.
  11. The variety of life in the Sargasso Sea is much lower than in any other. There is a lot of biomass here, but the number of different life forms that live here is very small.
  12. Nevertheless, about 2 thousand unique microorganisms, previously unknown, have already been discovered here.
  13. Deep of the Sargasso Sea ranges from 4 to almost 7 kilometers.
  14. It is here that the Bermuda Triangle is shrouded in mystery.
  15. Only one species of large algae lives in these waters – sargasso.
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