30 interesting facts about the seas and oceans

Water covers 70% of the earth’s surface, but sea and ocean depths have not yet been studied. People have long ago mapped the relief of the ocean floor and studied the creatures that live in the upper layer of the water column, what else do the waters of our cozy planet hide from us who knows?

Facts about oceans and seas

  1. During even the strongest storm, at a depth of 20-30 meters, the waters are absolutely calm. This is the difference between a storm and a tsunami — in the latter case, much deeper layers of water come into motion, which makes the tsunami such a destructive natural phenomenon.
  2. The most transparent water in the world — located near Antarctica, the Weddell Sea.
  3. In some places, sea waters glow at night. More precisely, not the water itself, but millions of tiny microorganisms. But the sight is still amazing.
  4. The largest sea in the world by area — Sargasso. Which, by the way, has no shores at all in the usual sense of the word (interesting facts about the Sargasso Sea).
  5. The saltiest sea in the world — Dead, it is nine times saltier than the Mediterranean. However, from the point of view of science, the Dead Sea is an endorheic lake, not a sea. If we talk specifically about the seas, then the Red Sea will be the most salty.
  6. In the Pacific Ocean, storms rage more often than in any other (interesting facts about the Pacific Ocean).
  7. Does not flow into the Red Sea not a single river.
  8. The Caspian Sea — the largest drainless body of water in the world.
  9. Of all the seas, the largest volume of water evaporates from the surface of the Red Sea.
  10. The dirtiest sea in the world — Mediterranean (interesting facts about the Mediterranean).
  11. In the Black Sea, life exists only in the upper layer of water, since deeper waters are too saturated with hydrogen sulfide.
  12. Every year, people dump into the seas and oceans the amount of garbage that is three times the amount of fish they catch.
  13. The deepest place in the world — Mariana Trench. As much as 11 kilometers 34 meters!
  14. More than 9 thousand species of various living creatures live in the Mediterranean Sea.
  15. The waters of the Baltic Sea are more saturated with gold than any other.
  16. The Black Sea advances on land at a speed of about one meter in five years.
  17. The fastest sea current in the world is near the Norwegian coast. The speed of the Solfjord reaches 30 kilometers per hour.
  18. The volume of ice in Antarctica is approximately equal to the volume of all the water in the Atlantic Ocean.
  19. There are more than 25 thousand islands in the Pacific Ocean.
  20. The warmest sea — Red (interesting facts about the Red Sea).
  21. Philippine Sea — the deepest, in some places its depth exceeds the mark of 10 kilometers.
  22. The White Sea located in the north of Russia — the smallest.
  23. In the open ocean, waves can reach 40 meters in height.
  24. East Siberian Sea — the coldest.
  25. The seas were found on Titan, the satellite of Saturn, but they are not made of water at all (interesting facts about Saturn).
  26. The Sea of ​​Azov — the shallowest, its maximum depth is 13.5 meters.
  27. The Mediterranean Sea washes more countries at the same time than any other.
  28. The water obtained from sea ice can be drunk, it will only be slightly brackish.
  29. Rivers of water of a different density flow along the bottom of the seas and oceans, so they do not mix with water from other layers.
  30. About 3 million sunken ships lie on the sea and ocean floor.
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