16 interesting facts about the Ural Mountains

The mighty ridges of the Ural Mountains rise to a height of several kilometers, serving as a natural border between natural zones. They were formed a long time ago, in time immemorial, and among the local peoples they enjoy respect and reverence. Considerable attention is paid to the study of the Urals, and climbers do not bypass its peaks and mountain passes, climbing into the most inaccessible places.

Interesting facts about the Ural Mountains

  1. The length of their ridge exceeds 2000 kilometers.
  2. Part of the Ural Mountains belongs to Eastern Europe, and part to Western Siberia.
  3. At the widest point, the Ural Mountains reach a width of 150 km, and in the narrowest – about 40, that is, almost three times less.
  4. In the Bashkir language, which has its roots in the ancient Turkic, the word «ural» means «sublime» or «height».
  5. The Ural Mountains separate Asia and Europe, serving as a natural border between them.
  6. In ancient chronicles, the Ural mountain range was usually called the Riphean or Hyperborean mountains (interesting facts about mountains).
  7. In honor of the Ural Mountains in the Soviet Union, models of a guitar, a motorcycle and a truck were named.
  8. Geologists believe that the process of formation of the Ural Mountains began about 350 million years ago, and finally ended 200 million years ago.
  9. During the Soviet era, 80% of all the most necessary minerals were mined in the Urals.
  10. Apparently, in their youth, the Ural Mountains were higher than the Himalayan Mountains, but time, earthquakes and winds have taken their toll, and now they are not so high.
  11. Currently the peaks of the Urals continue to grow, but very, very slowly.
  12. The Ural Mountains include 38 mountain ranges.
  13. There are no volcanoes in the Urals, although some famous mountains, like Elbrus, are (interesting facts about Elbrus).
  14. The Ural Mountains are located in all climatic zones at once, with the exception of deserts.
  15. The highest peak of the Urals, Mount Narodnaya, rises almost two kilometers.
  16. It is in the Urals that the oldest mountain in the world, Karandash, is located, the age of which is comparable to the age of our planet – about 4.2 billion years.
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