20 interesting facts about Zambia

The African state of Zambia is not much different from other African countries. Thanks to the mild climate by the standards of Africa, there is quite an interesting nature here. What’s up — interesting enough! It can be safely called delightful, and it is precisely for the sake of visiting national parks that most foreigners come here.

Interesting facts about Zambia

  1. Until the mid-1960s, the country was a British colony and was called Northern Rhodesia.
  2. On the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe is the famous Victoria Falls – the only one in the world that can simultaneously boast a height of more than a hundred meters and a width of more than a kilometer. This is one of the main attractions of South Africa. On the Zambian side, the Thundering Smoke Nature Reserve adjoins it. This is what the ancient inhabitants of this area called the waterfall (interesting facts about Africa).
  3. The first book published in Zambia was the Bible of the 19th century.
  4. Although Zambia is a presidential republic, even at the beginning In the 2000s, more than 280 chiefs led the tribes on its territory.
  5. In Zambia, on the bridge near Victoria Falls, the world’s largest bungee jumping attraction was organized — the height of the breakaway point exceeds 110 meters.
  6. People and their ancestors settled modern Zambian lands at least 2.5 million years ago.
  7. Lusaka was a quiet peasant village in 1930, and a year later the settlement was turned into the capital of Zambia.
  8. The National Museum, located in the Zambian city of Livingston, in addition to the obligatory maps, objects from excavations and African masks, houses an extensive collection of items for witchcraft.
  9. Chirundu Fossil Forest, another attraction in Zambia, attracts tourists from all over the world thanks to the many imprints of trees that grew in this area 150 million years ago, as well as objects from the Stone Age (interesting facts about trees).
  10. In this In the country, tourists are legally prohibited from photographing pygmies.
  11. The Lozi language (one of the languages ​​spoken in Zambia) has at least 40 words for “woman” – each of them characterizes the social status and other information about a beautiful person. For example, there are separate words for unmarried women, wives who have recently arrived at the spouse’s house, or widows (interesting facts about the languages ​​of the world).
  12. Zambians consider mice and insects delicacies.
  13. In August, the people of Zambia celebrate an important national holiday — Farmer’s Day.
  14. Car traffic in Zambia is on the left.
  15. The oldest baobab in the world grows in Zambia – scientists believe that the tree is now at least 1500 years old (interesting facts about baobabs).
  16. Zambians fight rodents with beer. They place bowls of milk around the house, where they add a little foamy drink, and in the morning they pick up tipsy rodents.
  17. The Zambian flag depicts an eagle, symbolizing the rise of the country’s inhabitants over the difficulties of the state.
  18. Zambia became the first country in Africa to start issuing banknotes made of polymer materials.
  19. There is a special service here to combat the tsetse fly.
  20. In Zambia, the bones of a “Rhodesian man” who lived on Earth at the same time as the Neanderthals.
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