29 interesting facts about crustaceans

Crustaceans include not only crayfish familiar to us, which some of us caught in childhood, but also many other aquatic life. They live in both fresh water and salt water, and are generally found on all continents and many islands. Crayfish have always been an object of fishing, but not too massive, since, for example, … Read more

25 interesting facts about seals

These amazing animals, seals, just seem clumsy. Yes, on land they appear to be such lumps, but in the water they are swift, strong and graceful. However, much still depends on the specific species to which the seal belongs – many of them differ very significantly from each other. But what, after all, these marine … Read more

15 interesting facts about the red wolf

One of the most interesting predators of our planet is the red wolf. This animal occupies an important place in the culture of some indigenous peoples of the regions where it lives. Outwardly very similar to foxes, red wolves in our time have survived mainly in remote mountainous areas. They were forced out there by … Read more

25 interesting facts about the Steppe Eagle

The proud bird called the steppe eagle is somewhat similar to its close relatives of other species. This celestial predator has amazingly sharp eyesight, which allows it to see even the smallest prey from a great distance. When diving on a prey, the steppe eagle develops tremendous speed, and if it does not miss, the … Read more

27 interesting facts about octopuses

Amazing marine animals octopuses are still very poorly studied. For modern scientists, it was a surprise that they have a very developed intellect, and, perhaps, we still have no idea how much. At least the experiments are still going on, and there is every chance that we will be able to learn many more interesting … Read more

29 interesting facts about the brown bear

It is the brown bear that is called the owner of the forest – this is a well-known fact. This animal has a very interesting character and developed intelligence, but for obvious reasons, in some cases it can be dangerous. A bear awakened during hibernation is completely terrible in its uncontrollable anger, and many hunters … Read more

27 interesting facts about pelicans

Notable for their unusual appearance, pelicans are interesting and curious birds. Their way of life is inextricably linked with the seas and oceans, so the inhabitants of the hinterland rarely meet them. But there are quite a lot of pelicans on the sea, and it’s hard not to notice them, as they immediately catch your … Read more

13 interesting facts about the German Shepherd

Among all dog breeds, the German Shepherd stands out due to its popularity and prevalence. These smart animals are in demand among various government services, such as the police, and among ordinary lovers of four-legged friends. Smart, courageous and loyal, they have long become one of the most recognizable breeds in the world, and you … Read more

7 interesting facts about the hydrosphere

There is much more water on our planet than land, and all of it is a single hydrosphere. All the processes occurring in it are interconnected, and the violation of one of them threatens with catastrophic failures on a planetary scale. Fortunately, humanity simply does not have enough opportunities yet to somehow significantly affect such … Read more