35 interesting facts about pigs

Animals such as pigs are of great importance for agriculture in many countries and regions. At the same time, in some other countries they are not bred at all, because due to cultural characteristics they are considered dirty animals. We will not judge which point of view is more correct, and we will only note … Read more

20 interesting facts about the Dead Sea

An amazing natural health resort, the Dead Sea is a truly unique place, which simply has no analogues on Earth. It really is as easy to swim as they say, because due to the extreme salinity, the water in it is very dense, and it is difficult to dive in it. True, after swimming in … Read more

21 interesting facts about Blueberries

Delicious and healthy blueberries are not so common in nature, so many happy owners of country plots and summer cottages grow it on their own. Of course, you can buy it, but in stores it is often obscenely expensive. Alas, in any case, you can enjoy fresh blueberries only for a very limited time, since … Read more

16 interesting facts about the Danube River

The mighty Danube River, which rolls its waters across European expanses, is of great importance for the different peoples inhabiting its banks. The greatness of the Danube is reflected in the cultural heritage of the peoples who inhabited the banks of this river before, in bygone times, but to this day the Danube does not … Read more

31 interesting facts about bananas

It is probably hard to find a person on Earth who has not had a chance to try bananas. Once upon a time they were exotic from distant lands, but now they can be bought in stores almost anywhere, even in cities farthest from the equator. And in most cases they are very inexpensive, which … Read more

30 interesting facts about orchids

Delicate orchid flowers are widely distributed in hot climates, and they mostly prefer damp places. However, there are a lot of species of orchids in the world, and they are very different from each other, and often so much that it is hard to believe that they belong to the same family. Some of them … Read more

21 interesting facts about cucumbers

Most of us eat cucumbers in one form or another, and in general, you see, it is difficult to imagine a fresh salad without this vegetable. In addition, cucumber is actively used in folk medicine, and its ability to rejuvenate the skin and nourish it with useful substances is known to everyone. Some cosmetic preparations … Read more

18 interesting facts about mirages

For a long time, mirages remained a completely unexplored natural phenomenon. Because of their peculiarities, they entered the culture and folklore of many peoples, and most often mirages are presented in folk art as the intrigues of evil forces who want to confuse travelers. And indeed, they can easily deceive an inexperienced or simply careless … Read more

30 interesting facts about manuls

These severe wild cats, manuls, at the beginning of the 21st century became insanely popular on the Internet, as it seemed to many that they are very cute. In fact, these representatives of the cat family really look very funny, but they cannot be tamed, and in the wild it is better not to approach … Read more

15 interesting facts about the Southern Ocean

The totality of all ocean and sea waters washing Antarctica is allocated to the Southern Ocean by a number of scientists, although this The topic is still a fierce debate in the scientific community. However, in most cases, it is still isolated in a separate ocean, and, accordingly, some interesting facts can be told about … Read more