21 interesting facts about the lynx

Cats — creatures are extremely smart and cunning, and this applies to big cats in full. The lynx, for example, will deliberately lead the hunter away from its home, and in a hopeless situation, it will attack the enemy from an ambush. These smart creatures try to stay away from people, but face a lynx … Read more

21 interesting facts about snow

The earth is very diverse — in some of its corners the snow does not melt all year round, while in others it never happens. And if the mass of snow is something familiar, then each snowflake is unique, but how many people attach importance to this when walking along a snowy path? Interesting facts … Read more

12 interesting facts about the Nile River

Nile — the great river around which the civilizations of Africa were born. If you look at a satellite image of the African continent, you can see a yellow-brown landscape and a green stripe. This green — vegetation along the banks of the great river. Interesting facts about the Nile River There are few lands … Read more

15 interesting facts about mountains

Most people feel tiny when looking at mountains. Ancient stone giants are unimaginably huge, and when traveling in such places, you feel it literally with your whole skin. Stone giants that have passed through many eras are really confusing. Interesting facts about mountains The highest mountainous countries in the world — Bolivia and Nepal. The … Read more

33 interesting facts about Everest

The mighty Everest has already been conquered many times by brave climbers, but this does not detract from its greatness. The peak, which rises for many kilometers, is made of ancient rocks, as if looking patronizingly down at the tiny people bustling around at its foot. The feeling that covers a person looking at the … Read more

22 interesting facts about scorpions

Scorpions — these are creatures that have hardly changed for several hundred million years. And why should they change if they are already ideally adapted by nature to survive in almost any conditions? They — ideal predators, tenacious, ruthless and deadly. Interesting facts about scorpions The number of eyes in a scorpion varies from six … Read more

15 interesting facts about praying mantises

Praying Mantises — fairly ancient insects. They gained fame thanks to their unusual appearance and completely fearless disposition — a hungry praying mantis will attack without hesitation any enemy it can defeat and eat, while avoiding collisions that can become fatal for it. Interesting facts about praying mantises Mantises — the only insects whose head … Read more

22 interesting facts about tarantulas

Surviving in the desert regions of our planet is not easy, and such ruthless predators are perhaps the best at this task like tarantulas. Outwardly similar to spiders, they have completely different habits, and they are perfectly adapted to existence in the harshest conditions. Interesting facts about tarantulas Tarantulas are large and poisonous spiders, which … Read more

20 interesting facts about dogs

Dog — friend of human! This is an indisputable fact. For the first time these animals were domesticated in time immemorial, and for innumerable centuries they have been faithful companions and friends for people around the world. Clever, loyal, courageous, they will never betray the owner, no matter what kind of dog it is — … Read more

22 interesting facts about spiders

There are many phobias in the world, but arachnophobia is the most common — fear of spiders. Millions of people are subconsciously afraid of these insects, even if they are completely harmless. However, not all of them can be called harmless — the venom of some spiders can easily kill even an adult. Interesting facts … Read more