17 interesting facts about badgers

Very cute animals, badgers are actually very serious animals. They spend most of their lives with their family, and at the same time they are distinguished by courage and courage. Even when meeting with a obviously stronger opponent, the badger never gives up, defending himself to the last. For humans, these animals are not dangerous, … Read more

30 interesting facts about cheetahs

Incredibly interesting and graceful animals, cheetahs are the fastest land creatures on Earth. These cunning and agile predators are not too strong, at least compared to other cats, but they are able to catch up with absolutely anyone, and it doesn’t matter if he runs on legs or four legs. It was these abilities that … Read more

17 interesting facts about the Baltic Sea

The cold Baltic Sea is of great importance for all countries that have access to it. In addition, a wide variety of living creatures live in these northern waters, so biologists also pay close attention to the study of this sea. Interesting facts about the Baltic Sea Its northernmost point practically borders on the Arctic … Read more

10 interesting facts about mount Aconcagua

The high and mighty Mount Aconcagua, in Argentina, impresses even experienced mountain travelers. However, you can truly appreciate its scale only from a height, standing on its top, and only the most courageous climbers can climb there. Despite the dangers associated with this, the flow of those wishing, however, does not subside from year to … Read more

20 interesting facts about baobabs

The impressive baobab trees can surprise even the worldly-wise botanist. Where else could such an amazing creation of nature grow, if not in Africa, famous for its outlandish flora and fauna? These mighty trees live for a very long time, and they have adapted to survive even in desert conditions. It is really very interesting … Read more

34 interesting facts about camels

The amazing animals camels are well adapted to the arid regions of our planet, and they survive where most other animals do not will last longer than a couple of days. Thanks to their endurance, camels have long been considered a measure of wealth among many peoples, and to this day they have not lost … Read more

10 interesting facts about quartz

Few people think that quartz is everywhere, it literally surrounds us and is present in most of the stones that just roll under your feet. Thanks to this prevalence, quartz has become the most widespread, it is actively used in various industries, and it is on it that many inventions familiar to us are based. … Read more

16 interesting facts about Chukotka

The amazing Chukotka peninsula is located so far from the European part of Russia that few Russians have been there. Low transport accessibility deters tourists who are eager for the amazing Chukchi nature, so traveling here will not be cheap. But it is really very beautiful here, if untouched natural beauty has been preserved in … Read more

15 interesting facts about the tundra

The boundless spaces of the northern tundra only seem lifeless. Yes, the diversity of local flora and fauna is small, and scientists believe that until relatively recently the tundra zone was much richer in life, but even now many creatures live there. And people, by the way, too – representatives of many indigenous peoples of … Read more