40 interesting facts about oranges

Juicy and tasty oranges are ubiquitous, and there are a huge number of their varieties in the world. They are grown on all continents, and are in constant demand – they are eaten fresh, put in salads, used to produce drinks and jams, and in general, they just don’t do anything with them. The huge … Read more

30 interesting facts about cobras

There are many famous snakes in the world, but cobras stand apart among them, mainly due to the fact that they are perhaps the most recognizable reptiles in the world. In fact, there are much more poisonous snakes in the world than cobras, but the habit of these creatures to open the hood in the … Read more

22 interesting facts about cabbage

Different varieties of cabbage occupy an important place in the culinary traditions of many nations, especially in Europe. However, in Asia this vegetable is also popular, however, its completely different varieties, which are unlikely to be suitable for traditional Ukrainian soups or German dishes of cabbage stewed with sausages. Cabbage variety is indeed very large, … Read more

16 interesting facts about dandelions

The ubiquitous dandelions have been well known to mankind since ancient times, because these seemingly ordinary flowers have a number very useful features. But, of course, most of us know them from childhood, when it’s so fun to blow off their fluffy seeds and watch them fly in the wind. But ancient scientists quickly recognized … Read more

30 interesting facts about snails

Many do not even notice these little creatures, snails, whose slowness has become proverbial. They have been living on Earth for a long time, and over millions of years evolution has practically not modified them – apparently, mother nature believes that they are already well adapted for survival. It’s hard to argue with this, since … Read more

12 interesting facts about winter

For some, winter is the most pleasant, and for others, the most hated season. It all depends on how you look at it – some like the bitter cold, fluffy snow and snow-wrapped landscapes, and someone sees only dirt and cold in winter. But in temperate latitudes, the change of seasons is very pronounced. Interestingly, … Read more

39 interesting facts about pineapples

Exotic fruit pineapple is familiar to most of us. Not everyone likes it, but it can be seen on the shelves of any large store. True, this fruit cannot be called cheap, it costs quite decently, and its miniature varieties are especially expensive, which are much superior in taste to their full-sized counterparts. Not surprisingly, … Read more

24 interesting facts about dill

Many people actively use dill in cooking a wide variety of dishes, this seasoning is considered truly universal. Dill is good fresh, especially when added to soups, salads, or stir-fries, but when dried, it retains much of its flavor. At the same time, it is widely distributed mainly in Europe, North America, and in other … Read more

35 interesting facts about zebras

In fact, zebras are not just «striped horses», they are completely different animals, although, of course, they are related to horses. The debate about why, as a result of evolutionary processes, the color of zebras became black and white is still ongoing, although it is already reliably known that, at a minimum, this saves them … Read more

35 interesting facts about pigs

Animals such as pigs are of great importance for agriculture in many countries and regions. At the same time, in some other countries they are not bred at all, because due to cultural characteristics they are considered dirty animals. We will not judge which point of view is more correct, and we will only note … Read more