29 interesting facts about flies

Insects as annoying as flies occupy an important place in nature. They serve as food for many birds, spiders and other living creatures, and since they breed extremely quickly, their population is not declining. But some of them can be dangerous, such as the famous tsetse fly that is rampant in Africa. Fortunately, modern science … Read more

29 interesting facts about sea urchins

Amazing creatures, sea urchins, have long tormented the minds of zoologists. These underwater animals are very interesting from a biological point of view, and the conditions in which some of their species live seem to be truly extreme. But people are willing to collect them, especially in shallow water, as sea urchins in some countries … Read more

32 interesting facts about the Sahara desert

The vast Sahara desert has become synonymous with a hot, barren place where there is no life. In fact, this is not so – an interesting local ecosystem has long been able to adapt to existence in such extreme conditions, although, of course, it is not easy for a person to survive here. However, people … Read more

15 interesting facts about sea lilies

Amazing creatures, crinoids look like plants, although in fact they belong to the animal world. Their unusual appearance always attracts the attention of divers, and it is not surprising – they really look like something alien. In fact, crinoids appeared on Earth long before many dinosaur species, and they are much, much older than mankind. … Read more

18 interesting facts about beets

The familiar beetroot is an important ingredient in many dishes. Without it, you can’t cook either borscht or vinaigrette, so it is always present on the shelves of stores. However, in other countries it is also eaten, although outside the states of the former Union, beets are far from being so popular. But it is … Read more

30 interesting facts about giraffes

Who isn’t surprised by giraffes? These interesting and curious animals are so different from all other inhabitants of our planet that they invariably attract attention, it is worth seeing them. Thanks to the quirks of evolution, they turned out so strange that in the wild they can exist only under certain conditions. However, in the … Read more

35 interesting facts about gorillas

Perhaps the most famous of all primates, gorillas, are now on the verge of extinction, at least some of their types. Human civilization has forced them out of their usual habitat, threatening the existence of the population itself, despite all the measures taken to protect them. And, looking into the intelligent eyes of gorillas, it … Read more

26 interesting about the northern lights

The northern lights, more commonly referred to as the northern lights, are one of the most interesting natural phenomena. People have puzzled over what it is for centuries, until, finally, scientific minds have established what it is. Everyone who has seen the aurora with their own eyes will forever remember this incredible sight – as … Read more

30 interesting facts about jaguars

Strong, hardy, intelligent and graceful jaguars are one of the largest cats on Earth. In nature, they occupy the top of the food chain, belonging to the highest predators, and very few people are able to escape from his claws and teeth if the jaguar decides to dine with them. However, they rarely attack people, … Read more