100 interesting facts about Bulgaria

Bulgaria is primarily known for its comfortable and inexpensive resorts. The country has access to the Black Sea, which allows it to receive tourists from all over the world. It is also worth highlighting the rich natural resources, namely impassable mountains and forests, rare animals and plants. In Bulgaria, all lovers of sightseeing holidays will like it. You can enjoy numerous historical monuments, get to know the culture of the locals and taste the unique traditional cuisine. Next, we suggest reading more interesting facts about Bulgaria.

1. Bulgaria is considered one of the oldest European countries.

2. It was in Bulgaria that the Cyrillic alphabet was first used.

3. The inventor of Bulgarian origin first created an electronic computer.

4. Bulgarians, shaking their heads up and down, prove by this, that they do not agree with something.

5. In Bulgaria, name days are equated with birthdays, they are celebrated there on a special scale.

6. Bulgarian yogurt has an indescribable taste. This is due to the fact that special bacteria are added there.

7. In terms of the number of archaeological excavations, Bulgaria is in third place among other states.

8. Until the 20th century, about 80% of the population of Bulgaria lived in rural areas.

9. Almost 4000 caves are located in Bulgaria.

10. Bulgaria is today considered the world leader in terms of the number of qualified specialists in the IT segment.

11. The most popular sport among Bulgarians is football.

12. There is no official religion in Bulgaria, many citizens are adherents of the Orthodox Church.

13. Bulgarians pay 40% of their wages for taxes.

14. All media in Bulgaria are under the control of government forces.

15. The oldest tree grows in Bulgaria.

16. Bulgarians are considered the first Slavs who were able to adopt Christianity.

17. Bulgarians are very friendly people.

18. The main family celebration among the Bulgarians is the graduation party of their daughter or son.

19. Rakia is the main alcoholic drink of the Bulgarians. It is made from plums, apricots, and grapes.

20. Bulgarians drink a lot of coffee every day.

21. A coffee break at the workplace for Bulgarians can take a couple of hours.

22. A coffee cocktail is popular in Bulgaria, which contains a mixture of Coca-Cola and a coffee drink.

23. Bulgarians do not accept criticism about their state, because they are very patriotic personalities.

24. In Bulgaria, most teenagers are dependent, so relatives return home at lunchtime to feed them.

25. Punctuality from the Bulgarians is not expected, being late for an hour is considered normal.

26. In Bulgaria, tourists can be pointed to the wrong path.

27. In the Bulgarian language, almost all words are considered borrowed from other languages ​​of the world.

28. In Bulgaria, neighbors do not swear for such noisy behavior in the middle of the night, because when they have a holiday, they will behave the same way, and no one will say a word to them.

29. Bulgarians use it as drink mastic (aniseed vodka).

30. Red beets are practically not eaten in Bulgaria.

31. There is no cottage cheese in Bulgaria, instead they eat izvar.

32. During the holidays it is especially quiet in Bulgaria, because everyone goes to villages or dachas.

33. Raisko Prskalo is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria.

34. Bulgaria is the third state in which they play the bagpipe.

35. Bulgarian created the first wristwatch.

36. Bulgaria produces half of the world’s rose oil, which is actively used in the creation of perfumes.

37. Combined oral contraceptive was also created Bulgarian.

38. When a Bulgarian is an office worker, the lunch break is important for him.

39. Bulgarians usually have breakfast with fast food.

40. To foreigners Bulgarians have a good attitude, especially towards Russians.

41. Bulgarians are not used to calling people by their first names and patronymics.

42. The inhabitants of Bulgaria are not stingy people, but they are very economical.

43. Bulgarians really don’t like Russian cuisine.

44. Almost all young Bulgarians know English very well.

45. In Bulgaria, they prepare a bannitsa with a surprise for Christmas.

46. Bulgarian women carefully monitor their children, because in this country everything is allowed for them.

47. There is a lot of envy and hypocrisy in Bulgaria.

48. Most married Bulgarian women will not be able to feel complete without having at least one lover.

49. Bulgarians are distinguished by special hospitality.

50. In the markets of Bulgaria you will not be able to meet products of their own production.

51. The food in luxury restaurants and cafes in Bulgaria is disgusting, but in eateries, on the contrary, it is very tasty.

52. If you say in Bulgaria that you forgot something do, then you will not get anything for it.

53. For Bulgarians, it is important to have contacts.

54. In some regions of Bulgaria, they drink wine, diluting it with lemonade.

55. Not a single celebration in Bulgaria passes without folk songs.

56. Grandmothers in Bulgaria rummage through the trash along with gypsies.

57. Bulgarian women are ugly.

58. Bulgarian women can even come to a friend’s wedding in black clothes, because they almost always wear decoration of this tone.

59. In Bulgaria, the police help everyone.

60. There is a mafia in Bulgaria.

61. Seven-year schooling has been introduced in Bulgaria.

62. Bulgarians love their children very much.

63. The rose is the key symbol of Bulgaria.

64. A huge number of healing springs are located on the territory of Bulgaria.

65. Bulgaria is one of the cleanest European countries.

66. In Bulgaria, you can walk down the street late at night without consequences.

67. Bulgaria can attract the attention of tourists with its own identity.

68. Despite the fact that Bulgaria has already joined the European Union, they have their own funds.

69. A huge number of Bulgarian dishes from the national cuisine are either stewed or baked.

70. The cuisine of Bulgaria is very similar to Greek and Turkish.

71. Bulgaria is a state where more than 200 thousand tons of wine annually.

72. About the 16th century, tobacco cultivation began in Bulgaria, which now brings great profits to the state.

73. The oldest golden treasure was found in Bulgaria.

74. Bulgarians like to drink a lot of alcohol.

75. Young people in Bulgaria drink alcohol by adding carrot juice.

76. Rest in the village is above all for Bulgarians.

77. The Bulgarians managed to save the monastery, which was built back in the days Osmania.

78. In Bulgaria, a dog waltz is called a cat’s march.

79. 11 Bulgarian beaches were awarded UNESCO certificates.

80. In Bulgaria, on New Year’s holiday for 3 minutes the lights go out. At these moments, all couples begin to kiss.

81. The lion symbolizes Bulgaria, because it is depicted on army uniforms.

82. In Bulgaria, in the summer heat, they eat cold tarator soup.

83. Bulgarians love to eat salads, they are especially good as an appetizer for rakia.

84. On May 6, Bulgaria celebrates St. George’s Day. This is one of the national holidays when it is worth visiting your relatives.

85. If a Bulgarian has bought a new car, neighbors and friends may stop talking to him.

86. In Bulgaria, every fashion trend can turn into insanity of the whole people.

87. The Rose Festival is held in Bulgaria.

88. Bulgaria is a fairly cheap tourist destination.

89. The most famous fortress in Bulgaria is Tsarevets.

90. Graduation balls in Bulgaria are doing very well.

91. The Bulgarian alphabet has only 30 letters.

92. Bulgaria is a country with a negative population growth.

93. Bulgaria used to be called the “Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe”.

94. Wine tours are organized in Bulgaria because there are many connoisseurs of Bulgarian winemaking.

95. Bulgarian resort towns have three menus: for tourists, foreigners and Bulgarians.

96. In Bulgarian churches, Alexander II is always commemorated during the liturgy.

97. In Bulgaria, the names of astronauts had to be changed because the Soviet authorities they seemed dissonant.

98. Bulgarians are one of those nations that nods backwards.

99. Bulgaria is a state with a rich past.

100. In Bulgaria there is Devilish th bridge, where there are many otherworldly forces.

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