100 interesting facts about Australia

Australia can be called the most amazing and isolated country, which is located almost on the very edge of the globe. This country has no close neighbors, and it is washed on all sides by the waters of the ocean. It is here that the rarest and most poisonous animals in the world live. Probably everyone has heard of kangaroos that live only in Australia. This is a highly developed country that cares about its inhabitants and hospitably invites every tourist. Here you can find a holiday for every taste. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and surprising facts about Australia.

1. Australia is considered a state of contrasts, because civilized cities are located nearby with deserted beaches.

2. In ancient times, more than 30 thousand aborigines lived in Australia.

3. In Australia the least frequent violation of the law.

4. Australian citizens spare no money to play poker.

5. Most Australian women live to be 82 years old.

6. Australia has the largest fence in the world.

7. The first radio for lesbians and gays was created in Australia.

8. Australia is considered the second state in which women have the right to vote.

9. The largest number of poisonous animals is in Australia.

10. The Australian who did not appear on elections, undertakes to pay a fine.

11. Australian houses are poorly insulated from the cold.

12. It was Australia that introduced fashion to the well-known uggs.

13. Inhabitants Australians never leave tips in restaurants and cafes.

14. Australian supermarkets sell kangaroo meat, which is considered an alternative to lamb.

15. A snake that lives in Australia can kill a hundred people at once with its poison.

16. Australians own the biggest victory in football, the score was 31-0.

17. Australia is famous for its unique Flying Doctor service.

18. This country is considered a haven for 100 million people. sheep.

19. The largest pasture in the world is located on the territory of Australia.

20. The Australian Alps see much more snow than the Swiss.

21. The Great Barrier Reef, which is located in Australia, is considered the largest on the globe.

22. In Australia is located the largest opera house.

23. There are more than 160 thousand prisoners in Australia.

24. Australia is translated as “an unknown country in the south.”

25. Except the main flag with a cross, Australia has 2 more flags.

26. Most Australians speak English.

27. Australia is the only state that has occupied an entire continent.

28. There are no active volcanoes in Australia.

29. In Australia, 24 varieties of rabbits were released in 1859.

30. There are more rabbits in Australia than there are people in China.

31. Australia’s income comes mainly from tourism.

32. For 44 years in Australia there was a law prohibiting swimming on the beaches.

33. Crocodile meat is eaten in Australia.

34. In 2000, Australia was able to win the most medals at the Olympic Games.

35. Australia is distinguished by left-hand traffic.

36. There is no subway in this state.

37. The Australian state is lovingly called the “island-continent”.

38. A huge number of cities and settlements in Australia are located near beaches.

39. About 5500 stars can be seen above the Australian desert.

40. Australia is the top contender for the highest literacy rate.

41. Newspapers in this country are read much more often than in other countries.

42. Lake Eyre, located in Australia, is the driest lake in the world.

43. Fraser – this is the largest sandy island in the world, which is located in Australia.

44. Australia became famous for its own records, as the oldest rock is located there.

45. In Australia, it was possible to find the largest diamond.

46. The largest deposit of gold and nickel is also in Australia.

47. In Australia, a gold nugget weighing 70 kg was found.

48. There are approximately 6 sheep for every Australian inhabitant.

49. Australia is inhabited by more than 5 million immigrants, which were born outside of this country.

50. Australia has the largest number of camels.

51. There are more than 1500 varieties of Australian spiders.

52. The largest livestock farm is located in Australia.

53. The weight of the roof of the Australian Opera House is 161 tons.

54. Christmas holidays in Australia begin in the middle of summer.

55. Australia is the third country that was able to launch a satellite into orbit.

56. Australia is exclusive to the platypus.

57. Australia alone has one nation.

58. Products marked “made in Australia” has another iconic designation “with pride”.

59. Australia is in the top 10 countries that have a high standard of living.

60. The dollar used in Australia is the only currency made of plastic.

61. Australia is considered the driest continent in the world.

62. The Nullarbor Desert, located in Australia, has the longest and most direct road.

63. Australia consists of 6 separate states.

64. Australians are very passionate.

65. Import any products on the territory of Australia is strictly prohibited.

66. The largest species of worm lives in Australia.

67. In Australia, the kangaroo population has surpassed the human population.

68. Over the past 50 years, about 50 people have died from a shark bite in Australia.

69. Australia was described in a fairy tale by Frank Baum.

70. The Europeans who first settled in Australia were exiled convicts.

71. Australia has been trying to deal with a large number of rabbits for 150 years.

72. Australians are the lowest continent.

73. The summer period in Australia lasts from December to February.

74. Australia is considered a multinational state.

75. Australia is the most flat world state.

76. Australia is one of the youngest states.

77. The most clean air is found in Australian Tasmania.

78. Australian possums and opossums are different animals.

79. In the west of Australia is Lake Hillier pink.

80. Coral-footed frog, which lives in Australia, produces a liquid similar to dew.

81. In Australia, to prevent the death of koalas, artificial vines are stretched over the tracks.

82. In Australia, there is a monument that was erected in honor of the moth.

83. In order for the life of sheep was safer and to prevent dingoes from attacking them, the Australians erected a “Dog Fence”.

84. Australia is the most law-abiding state.

85. Australian sharks never attack first.

86. Crocodiles are the most dangerous animals in Australia.

87. The Queen of England is formally the ruler of Australia.

88. Australia is a country rich in a large number of minerals.

89. Oddly enough, the capital of Australia is not Sydney, but Canberra.

90. 90% of refugees can openly enter Australia.

91. Australia is the only state on Earth that feeds on animals that symbolize this country.

92. Euthanasia is a crime in Australia.

93. There are no human rights in Australia.

94. Nuclear weapons are tested in Australia.

95. Australians prefer sports.

96. Australia has its own specific phenomenon – the Murray man. This is a silhouette that stretches out in the Australian desert.

97. The day Steve Irwin died in Australia is considered a day of mourning.

98. Since 1996, Australians have been banned from owning any type of weapon.

99. 50 million years ago, Australia and Antarctica were a single state.

100. The largest tram network is located in Australia.

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