100 interesting facts about America (USA)

Most people consider America the most successful and developed country in the world. Of course, this is not the whole truth. Thus, the United States is dominated by size and population, has a highly developed economy, high wages, low unemployment, natural resources, good cars and comfortable houses. Many people want to live in America. The country offers not only work, but also recreation for every taste. Everything is here: the sea and mountains, endless deserts and caves, rivers and lakes, wild animals and unique plants. Next, we suggest reading more interesting and amazing facts about America.

1. Most American families receive social assistance from the state for more than 48% of their total income.

2. America has accumulated a huge amount of debt during the presidency of President Obama.

3. The share of total debt per family has increased by $35,000 since Barack Obama became president.

4. Every day, the American debt grows by more than 4 billion dollars.

5. According to experts’ forecasts, by 2080 the state debt will reach 715% of the state GDP.

6. In the form of interest on the public debt, the United States paid the public debt in 2004.

7. According to research, one in three Americans will not be able to pay their mortgage.

8. More than 22% of the state GDP reached America’s debt this year.

9. Only 11% of all income came from government transfer payments.

10. The American government pays its families more income than they pay taxes.

11. More than 154% is the debt of American families compared to their income.

12. Every American citizen has more than 10 credit cards.

13. Only 9% of American citizens spend on health care.

14. Problems with paying for health insurance are more than 41% of all American citizens.

15. Currently, more than 49 million American citizens do not have health insurance.

16. More than 60% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical insurance.

17. The cost of education in American educational institutions increased by 28 thousand dollars on average.

18. Since 1978, the cost of education in America has increased by 900%.

19. Graduates with credits make up the majority of American graduates.

20. Student deposit debt is 25 thousand dollars.

21. In the US, debt on loans is considered the largest in the country.

22. Ultimately, most students are engaged in work that does not require higher education.

23. More than 100 thousand janitors with higher education now work in America.

24. More than 300,000 waiters in the US have college degrees.

25. About 375 American cashiers have higher education.

26. The country hopes to make huge profits from oil exports.

27. About 200 billion in profits annually earn US oil companies.

28. More than 7 trillion dollars is the state budget deficit.

29. On average, more than 50,000 specialists lose their jobs per month in America.

30. 27 times the government trade deficit since the 1990s.

31. China is considered the world’s largest PC market, surpassing the US in volume.

32. More than $16 billion in US goods deficits since 2002.

33. America exported a large amount of garbage and scrap metal in 2010.

34. In 2010, the deficit for cars was over $120 billion.

35. Since 2000, America has lost over 33% of its jobs.

36. More than 42,000 jobs have been lost in the US since 2001.

37. Ohio has lost more than 35% of its jobs since 2002.

38. Today, only 9% of all jobs are related to production.

39. Over the next two decades, 40,000,000 jobs could be offshore.

40. America will take about 68th place in the world in terms of the number of unemployed citizens.

41. Jobs are shrinking rapidly in America every year.

42. Mostly the number of workers is reduced due to the male population.

43. Last year, only 55% of America’s working population worked.

44. More than 6 million Americans live with their parents.

45. Men are twice as likely to live with their parents.

46. More than 15% of the population is worried about their financial future.

47. Only 30% of American teenagers were able to find a job this summer.

48. The average salary in the country has decreased by 27%.

49. Last year, the country lost more than 10% of middle-class jobs.

50. More than 52% of America’s total working population was on a median income in 1980.

51. Over 30% of jobs in the US in 1980 were considered low-paid.

52. The average American earns no more than $10 per hour.

53. An American citizen earns no more than $505 a week on average.

54. Average household income has decreased by 7% since 2007.

55. Up to 80% are total US real estate sales.

56. In 2009, the lowest new home sales record in the US was set.

57. Prices for new houses have fallen by 33% this year.

58. US housing prices have fallen by $6 trillion since the start of the housing crisis.

59. All 18% of homes in Florida are considered unoccupied.

60. About 4.5% of all mortgages are not paid.

61. On a mortgage loan, at least 8 million Americans are in arrears.

62. More than 77% of American citizens currently live paycheck to paycheck.

63. The baby boom has been a hit of retirement age since 2011.

64. About 90% of American citizens are concerned about their financial situation at retirement.

65. One in six Americans is below the poverty line.

66. 16 American workers were paid retirement benefits in 1950.

67. The financial security system makes payments of a significant amount compared to 2010.

68. The US Social Fund could end five years earlier.

69. $3,200 billion is not enough to provide the population with pensions.

70. For a comfortable pension, Americans lack 6600 billion dollars.

71. The number of citizens who filed for bankruptcy increased by as much as 178% between 1991 and 2007.

72. More than 40% of the working population plan to work for the rest of their lives.

73. Last year, about 3 million American citizens became poor.

74. Since 2001, more than 11% of Americans were considered poor.

75. More than 50 million Americans participate in the American social program.

76. More than 45 million Americans currently receive food stamps.

77. Since 2007, the number of Americans receiving food items has increased by 78%.

78. In Alabama, one-third of the population uses food stamps.

79. One in four children in America are fed by food stamps.

80. According to experts, more than 50% of all children in the United States will be fed by food.

81. The level of poverty among children has increased up to 22% by 2010.

82. Over 30% of all children in America are food insecure.

83. More than 32% is the index of food security in Washington.

84. More than 20,000,000 American children rely on the school feeding program.

85. Currently, more than half a million children may be homeless.

86. The number of children who go to the free canteen has increased by 46%.

87. An American director receives 343 times more money than an ordinary American.

88. A third of America’s wealth belongs to the richest 1% of Americans.

89. More than 2.5% of all American wealth is owned by a poor collective of citizens.

90. Congress has the highest percentage of millionaires.

91. In 2006, only 17% of Americans were self-employed.

92. More than 90% of the American population considers the country’s economic conditions to be poor.

93. But other polls show optimistic views of the American population.

94. The price of similar goods has increased by $100 for 40 years.

95. During the last financial crisis, 16.1 billion secret loans were issued.

96. The US debt has increased 4,700 times this year.

97. 28% of all Americans have never heard of the Federal Reserve.

98. It hasn’t rained in California for two years.

99. Over 47 trillion dollars are printed annually in America.

100. Six time zones are located in the United States.

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