100 interesting facts about Italy

Many of us would like to know the most interesting facts about Italy, especially if we want to visit this state in the future. This country of passion, fashion and wine. Each region of Italy has its own characteristics and traditions that few people know about. Facts about Italy will interest you from the first minute, and then you will want to learn more and more about this state.

1. There are no orphanages in Italy.

2. There are no homeless animals in this country.

3. Husbands in Italian families are afraid of their own wives.

4. Most Italian citizens have a dacha.

5. Every Italian word ends in a vowel.

6. Gesticulation by a female is considered vulgar in Italy.

7. Italy is a multinational state.

8. Real Italian pizza baked on firewood.

9. Being on the beach at night in Italy is prohibited by law. Such behavior is punishable by a fine.

10. Italians do not like work.

11. Italians are wary of people with blue eyes.

12. Italians do not are punctual.

13. Italians are not used to shouting and swearing, they just have such a conversation.

14. It is forbidden to open an umbrella indoors in Italy, because it will be bad luck.

15. Italy is considered the most populous country in Europe.

16. Hills and mountains in Italy occupy 80% of the total space.

17. Independent states are located in Italy. These are San Marino and the Vatican.

18. Earthquakes often occur in this country.

19. There are a large number of volcanoes in Italy.

20. Approximately 50 million tourists come to Italy every year.

21. Italy has 20 regions that are very different from each other.

22. To the one who asks for coffee in Italy in English, it can cost 2 times more.

23. More than 150,000 students study at the University of Rome.

24. There are no dormitories in Italian universities.

25. The life expectancy of Italians is much longer than that of other countries.

26. Tiramisu dessert was invented in Italy.

27. The thermometer was also invented in this country.

28. In Italy, there are the Apennine Peninsula (boot), the Alps, the Padana Plain, as well as the island of Sicily, Sardinia and many small islands.

29. Approximately 26 liters of wine are consumed by every Italian per year.

30. The Italians invented the typewriter.

31. Football is considered the national sport in Italy.

32. There are about 3,000 museums throughout the state.

33. Pasta is considered the national Italian dish.

34. The opera was first heard in Italy.

35. There are no juices on the menu of many cafes in Italy.

36. Approximately 25 kilograms of pasta per year is consumed by every person living in Italy.

37. The Italians created the cello and violin.

38. Italy hosted the Olympic Games three times in its country.

39. Italians are the most religious people in the world.

40. Cone ice cream first appeared in this state.

41. Points first appeared in Italy.

42. Approximately 58 million people live in this country.

43. Italians prefer lotteries.

44. Sea water from the beach in Italy is forbidden to take home.

45. Italy is considered the birthplace of many types of cheeses that have no analogues.

46. Leonardo da Vinci is considered the most famous Italian.

47. In Italy, they believe that the rope, thanks to which suicide happened, brings success.

48. Air conditioners in Italy are considered harmful equipment, and therefore they are not preferred there.

49. Most often, Italians eat a side dish separately from the main dish.

50. The best meat can be tasted in Italy.

51. Once upon a time, Italians who kissed girls in public were obliged to marry them.

52. Many designers from Italy became rich by selling their creations in Russia.

53. Rarely in Italy there are people who do not drink alcohol.

54. There are about 260 types of wine in Italy.

55. Combing in front of people in Italy is indecent behavior.

56. There are approximately 300 dialects in Italy.

57. An Italian elevator can be pentagonal.

58. Each city in Italy has its own schedule.

59. Everyone who has a diploma can be called a doctor in Italy.

60. In Italy, cappuccino is drunk only in the morning.

61. Italy is considered one of the oldest countries in the world.

62. Italians are sociable people.

63. The inhabitants of Italy are very slow people.

64. Italians will never move to another country to live, because they are devoted to their state.

65. A large number of stores in Italy are closed in Sunday.

66. Children in Italy are hardly scolded.

67. Many men in Italian families cook food instead of their wife. And they do it better.

68. They get married late in Italy.

69. The best restaurants in Italy without a sign.

70. Killing cats is punishable in Italy by law. For this, a considerable fine threatens.

71. Inhabitants of Italy use more than 10 gestures during the conversation.

72. The lowest birth rate is in Italy.

73. Spicing pizza with ketchup is an unkind tone for Italians.

74. The cat in Italy is a sacred animal.

75. The first film festival was held in Italy. This is the Venice Festival, which took place in 1932.

76. A third of Italians have never used the Internet.

77. Italians are gambling people.

78. In Italy, life with a mother until the age of 45 is considered a normal phenomenon.

79. Almost all Italian businessmen give part of the proceeds to the mafia.

80. Italians are very superstitious.

81. All flour dishes in Italy are called pasta.

82. Since 1892, in Italy, you can get married from the age of 12.

83. In Italy, one of the wonders of the world is located: the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

84. Italians are considered a musical people.

85. Italy has 54 police organizations.

86. Glut and recommendations are especially appreciated in Italy.

87. The head of the family in Italy is a woman.

88. In Italy, men dress stylishly.

89. Racing is popular in this country.

90. In Italy there are monuments to many peoples

91. In Italy, the number 17 is considered unlucky.

92. Up to 70-s of the 20th century, it was forbidden to divorce in Italy.

93. In Italy, it is customary to wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve.

94. Bare-handed fruits and vegetables on Italian markets are not allowed to take.

95. In the 21st century, “mothers of Italy” are mainly housewives.

96. Elderly relatives in Italy are reverently looked after.

97. Children in Italy are pampered.

98. Italians are hot people.

99. In Italy, it is customary to go for a walk before dinner.

100. It is forbidden to swim in Italy in the fountains and be on the beach in the evening.

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